Why Salaries SHOULD Be Included in Your Job Advert

Saleries should be in Job Descriptions

Employers in both the UK and US seem reluctant to display salaries in their job adverts, as Adzuna has revealed that just over 50% don’t publish them. This can be extremely harmful to the success of your job ad therefore it’s important to consider changing your recruitment strategy if you currently withhold salary details. So you can understand why eRecruit Solutions are advocates of displaying salaries in your adverts, see the top three reasons for doing so below.

A better response.

There is no denying that adverts which include salary details achieve better results than those who don’t and this is why recruitment experts like ourselves and the majority of job boards support their inclusion. Jobsite believe that the drop off rates of adverts lacking salary information are 25-35%. This is likely due to the fact that the top three criteria when jobseekers are searching for vacancies are job title, location and salary. Whether your reason for withholding this information is to keep it from competitors or you don’t want your staff to be aware of colleagues’ salaries, you must ask yourself, are you truly able to turn away so many potential candidates? Even if you don’t struggle to attract applicants to your vacancies, the fact still remains that you’re deterring talented individuals who could potentially be the perfect candidate for your role.

Screen your candidates.

Displaying the job title on its own is not always enough information for candidates to determine whether they are suitable for a role. For instance, there are a variety of managerial roles within a company that offer a wide range of salaries and benefits, as well as involve different skills and responsibilities. Displaying the salary can give candidates an indication of the seniority of the job and allow them to judge whether they are suitable for the position or not. Thus, salary details help you to screen your applicants so only qualified candidates apply – saving you a lot of time and money which is often wasted on interviewing those who are unsuitable.

Improve your candidate experience.

Relating to the point above, if you allow candidates to apply who are unsuitable (by choosing to withhold the salary) then you will inevitably irritate those who apply for your positions. Applicants will be disappointed when they find out they’re unsuitable after getting their hopes up. As a result, your candidate experience will suffer and a bad reputation will develop as more and more candidates complain about your lack of clarity. By including the salary you are shown to be an honest employer who is clear about what they’re looking for in a candidate, you will gain respect and instead improve your brand rather than damage it.

Still not convinced?

If you’re still unsure about displaying salaries in your job adverts then consider at least giving some indication to them. You can do this by providing a salary range to both attract candidates and give applicants some clarity about the level of the role. Furthermore, eRecruit provide adverts which withhold the company name therefore this prevents employees or competitors knowing the salaries you offer.

The benefits of including the salary in your job advert are hard to ignore. So if you are struggling to attract candidates to your vacancies and/or you’re struggling to find those with the right skills and qualifications, then adjusting your recruitment strategy to include salary details can help you significantly.