Sales Teams – Why Should You Increase Yours?

eRecruit Solutions explains why you should increase your Sales Team

A common difficulty shared among HR managers and recruitment teams up and down the UK is the difficulty in finding experienced and talented sales professionals. In fact, sales representatives and sales managers both appeared in the top 10 jobs that employers are having trouble filling in 2014 so far in a survey conducted by manpower. However, knowing the hurdles ahead of you when recruiting sales professionals is the first step to jumping over them. Instead of being put off and letting your sales numbers dwindle, here’s why you should keep the momentum going on your recruitment strategy.

  1. Create more atmosphere.

More employees – particularly more sales employees – means more competition, more buzz and more business. A smaller sales team inevitably means employees have less people to compete against and could potential rest on their laurels slightly. When it comes to sales, a positive and encouraging atmosphere is also a great tool for productivity. A smaller team can damage the presence of this atmosphere, potentially stifling things somewhat. Looking to continuously build on your team is a great way of not getting stuck in a rut. Looking into continuous recruitment, or build your own talent pool so that you always have candidates on file you can call.

  1. Combat turnover.

A lot of people recruiting for sales roles can experience issues with staff turnover. Once you’ve filled one vacancy, another opens up: sound familiar? A fail-safe method can be to continuously be on the lookout for potential candidates. Rather than juts filling empty seats, bringing in new staff as and when you find someone who really suits means that when vacancies occur, they don’t have a huge effect on the size of your existing team. Continuous recruitment campaigns are a great way of doing this. However, by doing one well-publicised recruitment drive that generates a lot of applications, you have the potential to build a pool of CVs which you can keep to fall back on. This saves you time as well as money.

  1. Build more business.

2014 has already been labelled as the year of opportunity, with business finally growing in most sectors. Vacancies are increasing across the board as companies look to expand, now we are officially out of the recession. In order to keep pace with the competition, taking the opportunities to see how business can grow is essential. This can start with growing your sales team. In order to be sure they provide you with a good return on investment, team up with sales recruitment specialists eRecruit Solutions to ensure you run an effective campaign for one set price.