Sales And Technology – The Cogs of Modern Bsuiness

Sales and Technology

Modern businesses can put drive and success down to two things: sales and technology. Without these two departments, operations would be less fluid, ideas would run dry and profits would be down. With them, a product or service is elevated, becoming far more appealing, savvy and exciting.

However, these departments are nothing without the right team, experience and expertise behind them. But how can companies attract first-class professionals to work in them? The same way a company attracts and retains its customers: branding.

We’re not talking about a logo or a catchy slogan. Branding is people’s perceptions of your business. It isn’t a single idea, rather a culmination of the many points of contact people have with a business. An effective brand is what makes a company recognisable, influential and exciting. It’s what employees want to put on their CVs.

As an online recruitment agency, we deal with companies throughout the UK for various sales and technology positions. The job specs are equally as varied, as are the salaries offered. However, despite their disparity, one thing unites the companies that attract the most candidates: effective brand identity.

Many small companies feel they can’t compete with the big boys – but this just isn’t true. Each company has something to boast about; something that makes it unique. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune on marketing campaigns, but rather developing a good employer brand and brand culture. Start with your current employees and work outwards. Make your company a place that your current employees want to be part of.

When you embark on a recruitment campaign and start making contact with potential employees, they will naturally want to research your business. Whether they ask you questions directly, or search the internet, here are a few things to consider when attracting sales and technology professionals.

Why is your technology or proposition appealing? How do you distinguish yourself from similar companies?

Why would this person want to work for you? Would you want to work for your business? If not, what can you do to change that?

Contact a public relations agency or hire a freelance PR. This won’t break the bank and will pay for itself many times over. A good PR will get your brand noticed, exposing it to industry sites and publications.

Connect with people on the internet. Is your website reflective of the brand? Interact with potential employees and customers online, via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Make sure your website is current, savvy and regularly updated with original and quirky content.

Enter yourself for industry awards. Even if you don’t win, being shortlisted will mean massive exposure for your company.

Look at your current employees. Has anyone moved from a bigger company to work with you? If so, tell people about it!

What challenges are you offering ambitious sales and technology professionals? An opportunity to launch a new product? Or perhaps work on a revolutionary piece of technology? Wherever possible, don’t be afraid to big-up your offering. Be truthful and exciting.

What can you offer employees? Quirky perks help to build your employer brand. Things like games rooms, regular social events, travel opportunities and bonus schemes are examples of this.

Sales recruitment and technology recruitment is essential for many modern businesses. Both sets of professionals want to be challenged and rewarded for their efforts. Therefore, it is vital to market yourself to potential employees as you would to potential customers. An easy way to start this process or get help establishing your company in the marketplace is to use an online recruitment agency.

Agencies such as eRecruit Solutions work with companies like yours every day. We understand that small businesses need to fight for their corner of the market. That’s why we always encourage companies to concentrate on their branding, whilst we can take care of the rest – all for a low-cost flat fee.