Trick or Treat – are you scaring away good candidates? By Mary Scudamore


With Halloween approaching, thoughts are turning to ghosts and ghoulies and all things spooky. But before you crack out the fake spider’s webs and apple bobbing, could your recruitment process be scaring away the top talent?

Ok, so I know it isn’t spine-chilling or blood curdling, but the way you handle your recruitment process could be damaging the level of talent you receive. All sorts of aspects of the recruitment cycle can be detrimental to your company image; be it panel interviews, lengthy application forms, or simply bad communication. Whilst it’s of course paramount that you get candidates who are committed to doing whatever it takes to land the role, you don’t want to put them off in the process!

I once interviewed with a firm, long before eRecruit, who required (after initial application), a filled out application form, a telephone interview, a panel interview, a presentation, an observation day and full psychometric profiling. A couple of these process steps would have sufficed, saving time for everyone involved, but all thrown in one after another and it simply made me (and the majority of other shortlisted candidates!) not want to bother…

Here are a couple of golden rules to ensure your recruitment process is speedy yet efficient:

1. Ensure effective initial communication with applicants, be it by email or over the phone
2. Use a preliminary telephone call to sound out any concerns and queries, this ensures you aren’t wasting your time, or the candidates’
3. A face to face interview gives you an opportunity to really get the ball rolling, perhaps involving current members of staff who are keen to promote the company and your brand!
4. Use a time- and cost-saving tool – eRecruit Solutions provides the perfect solution

Always consider the recruitment process from the applicant’s point of view, and you can’t go too far wrong…! Now, where’s my broomstick?!