Sourcing and Screening – The Dream Duo for your Recruitment

eRecruit Solutions discusses Sourcing and Screening Candidates

Here at eRecruit, we know too well that the more specialised a role is, the more time and effort is needed to fill it. Skilled candidates need to be attracted to a vacancy strategically in order to make sure you have a good selection of people to assess and interview in the later stages. So how can you make sure you have all boxes ticked for both your sourcing and screening methods?


As one of the first to board the online recruitment ship, eRecruit have plenty of means to tap into so called ‘talent networks’. Depending on the role and the sector, this can involve adverts across social media and specialist job boards. Making sure relevant people see your job vacancy is a crucial part of any recruitment strategy because sourcing candidates is only effective when you know the best place to source them.  With access to a vast online network, eRecruit can get your vacancy seen in the right places at the right times.

Web Enhanced Adverts:

Thanks to online recruitment, the details of your vacancy are instantly accessible through simple online searches. This is great for reach, but not necessarily good for relevance, as means that vast amounts of jobseekers can view the role. This is where web enhanced adverts come into play. It is vital that the description speaks to the right type of candidate in order to attract relevant and high quality applicants. The team at eRecruit solutions ensure they know your vacancy well to build an ad that will appeal to your desired candidate. Sorted!

Effective Screening:

The key to sourcing is relevance, but it’s inevitable that some of the applicants interested in your vacancy just aren’t suitable. Online recruiting has opened doors for less relevant  CVs to make their way through the net. However – high volume responses are great for getting a good selection of suitable candidates. So how do you get around this quandary? Effective screening is the way forward, but can take up a lot of time. The team at eRecruit have years of recruiting experience and are fully qualified to screen applications for a variety of roles.

It’s easy to navigate the new frontier with enough help two of the most important elements. The perfect balance of sourcing and screening can see the ideal folk for your company stroll through the interview room door.