Things to Look for when searching Job Boards – Part Two

Recruiting Job Boards

In Part One, we looked at the essential things to ask a jobs boards. By asking the right questions, you can find out if a service is right for your company. Remember that online recruitment agencies are experts when it comes to advertising jobs – particularly on jobs boards. They will not only know which boards best reflect your job vacancy, but your employer brand and brand culture too.

As highlighted in the last article, this expertise shouldn’t come at a premium. Many online recruitment agencies include the entire service, all for a one-off, fixed fee. Whether you’re looking at sales recruitment or call centre recruitment, online recruiters should charge a flat rate for the entire service, irrespective of the marketplace or industry.

Here’s what else you need to consider when choosing a jobs board.

Will I get an account manager?

The cheapest way to post a job ad is by doing it yourself, online, with a company credit card. However, paying a little extra will give you access to an account managed service. The advice and knowledge of an account manager can often prove invaluable, depending on the quality of the jobs board.

However, you need to be careful how much you are paying for this service. If you are using 100 jobs boards to advertise, how much are you spending per hire?

Remember that a good online recruitment agency can deliver the same service under its one-off flat fee. It’s worth calculating your spend and deciding where best to invest your recruitment budget.

What else do I get from the service?

With such a wide potential audience, it is worth investigated what other services are available. For example, you may be able to extend your audience reach with a banner or advert, targeted mail-outs, homepage logos or website links. CV searching is another popular service, which allows business owners and recruiters to search the site’s database of CVs.

Can you give me a deal?

As with any deal between companies, there’s always room for negotiation. Ask what special offers or deals the jobs board can provide. Remember – these businesses are eager for your custom; they want to build their bank of employers and jobseekers. If they don’t offer a deal, ask for one.

Do you have any testimonials?

As with any product or service, be sure the jobs board can provide testimonials or case studies. As well as this, you should search the web for customer reviews. If there is little information about the jobs board on the web, that could be a sign of inexperience.
With an online recruitment agency, this due diligence will have already been done for you. Every jobs board will be considered a partner, having been vetted and checked for performance and quality.

Finally, make sure the site has both historical and current testimonials. And look for reviews that are relevant to your industry and job vacancies.