How Well Are You Selling Your Company to Candidates?

For companies who are looking to recruit the highest calibre of candidates possible, it’s growing ever more important to realise that recruiting is most certainly a two way process. Companies are having to do more to persuade these candidates that their firm is the place to be- particularly if these highly-skilled employees are currently employed elsewhere. But how do you know if you’re selling your company to candidates, and if you’re not, how do you improve at it? There are a few ways of finding out how well your business comes across to potential employees.

Clear Job Description

The job advert- your first point of contact with the candidate. By clearly setting out what the job entails, what it’s like to work for your company and the nature of the role then you can already appeal to job seekers and make your advert stand out from the rest.

Using the recruiting services of an online recruitment agency will give you full access to a web enhanced job advert that will be posted on thousands of job boards by a team of recruitment specialists, ensuring that your first contact with potential employees is a positive one.

Company Benefits and Perks

It may seem a little gimmicky- but offering unique benefits and perks to people is another tactic that could really appeal to candidates. One of the popular recruiting strategies is the relatively recent advent of unlimited holidays, whereby employees can take off as much time as they require: provided they do their work and hit their targets. That perk alone is sure to appeal to loads of candidates and really sell your company- provided that you would be able to offer unlimited holiday in the first place, of course.

Social Media

Is your company interacting with candidates via social media? It can be a great tool to connect with potential employees and really promote your company culture to them. In the same way that employers tend to scout out candidates on social media, it’s equally likely that candidates will also look up employers on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By regularly updating your page, interacting with people and giving them a strong idea of what your company is all about, you can be sure that you are selling your company to potential employees.

Good Interview Process

After the initial contact through the job application, candidates will really start getting to know what your firm is all about in an interview. But the wooing process still continues here- and there are plenty of things you should be doing to sell your company to people. Being polite and courteous to applicants and ensuring that they receive feedback afterwards are two really important aspects of the process. Although it is often a time-consuming exercise to give individual feedback to all applicants, doing so will help spread the word across the job market that you’re a company who does make the effort to interact with candidates.