eRecruit Solutions’ Search and Selection process not only peruses our vast database of contacts and registered CVs, but also the major CV databases, social media platforms and online recruitment sites in general. Utilising all our recruitment channels gives us access to the vast majority of both passive and active candidates within the job market. We can contact them directly about your vacancy through a direct intuitive approach meaning you can get lucrative exposure to key candidates; ideal for your roles.

The Direct Approach

For every active jobseeker, there are even more ‘passive jobseekers’ who choose to register their CVs online, but wait to be approached. Our professional staff, who have years of experience and many long standing relationships, then approach these candidates directly with ideal roles that are suitable for them. Your requirements, no matter how niche, will always have a match somewhere and we have the capabilities to seek them out.

It is also worth pointing out that passive jobseekers are often high-quality candidates, currently employed (often by your competitors) and keen to hear about interesting career opportunities. They are generally different to the audience you reach through more traditional recruitment advertising methods and agencies.

There is a vast audience of passive candidates and eRecruit Solutions’ REC-qualified Research Team can hand-pick the best, most relevant candidates to approach about your role. In this way we are completely different to any other online recruitment company. With our extensive contacts and recruitment channels, we get 5.3 times more candidates than the average recruiter and can therefore find the ‘right’ candidate(s) for your business, not just present you with what’s available.

Contact eRecruit Solutions today to see how our search and selection team in the UK’s leading online recruitment company can help you – at eRecruit Solutions we guarantee results as well as reducing your costs!

*In 2013, eRecruit Solutions received an average of 128 applications per vacancy, compared to the industry average of 24. Statistics gained from Broadbean’s UK Recruitment Trends Report of 2013.