Social Media – A Low Cost Recruitment Tool

Social Media is a low Cost Recruitment Tool

Few people these days can claim not to be on some form of social network. It seems sensible then, that these platforms are used as tool to network and connect with like-minded people. When done correctly, recruiting through social media can help you successfully bring the right, forward-thinking people into your business. eRecruit have been using social media to recruit almost as soon as it reared its head. So here’s a quick guide to social media recruitment.


There’s a reason that 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn. Think of it as essentially a free CV database. Not only can you find professionals in your field, you can also see who there are connected with, who has endorsed them and recommended them. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is professional and not a place where people will post pictures of what they had for lunch. Perfect for anyone who is sceptical of social media.


Twitter is a fantastic tool for fans of just about anything to gather and discuss their shared interests. While a lot of twitter members are mostly interested in Justin Bieber, hashtags make it super easy to find people who are talking about topics relevant to your industry. Twitter is a great place to advertise vacancies as there is opportunity to get your posts retweeted and shared across the internet. A Twitter present can also bring great candidates to your attention by giving them the opportunity to interact with you. If you spot somebody who interacts with industry professionals, tweets interesting articles/content and shows a genuine passion, it is likely they are a high calibre candidate who could add value to your business.


Most people do not use Facebook with the intentions of getting a job or contacting companies. It is worth accepting that content you see of potential candidates is intended for their friends and peers and not for you. This is where a lot of candidates fall short when employees carry out background checks. However, your company Facebook page can provide a place for discussion and interaction. People that have comments and thoughts on what content you pose can be worth contacting further to see if they may have something to offer.

There is no set rule to social media recruiting, but it’s important that your company has a presence in case any eager candidates want to contact you. The best part is it doesn’t cost a penny!