Social Media – A Free Tool to Boost Your Business

Boost your Social Media Recruitment Process with eRecruit Solutions

If the internet is the vehicle driving your business forward, social media is one of the vital gears. Without it, publicising your services, products and recruitment will only go so far. eRecruit Solutions have been using social media to recruit since it was the new big thing. So how can you utilise social media platforms to engage with your audience and boost your following? And what companies are hitting the nail on the head?

Don’t Take it Too Seriously

While it is important to remain professional, remember that social media is mostly for fun. Being too formal can disengage potential followers. Things to think about are tone of voice and also the type of content you share. It’s great for potential staff especially to see you posting about company developments, job opportunities and industry news or updates. But to build and maintain followers, give them something to smile at every once in a while. Have a look at Innocent smoothies. Their tone is funny, light-hearted and jovial. At the same time, they successfully promote the positive work they do for Fairtrade and charities such as Age UK. It really makes you feel like this would be a great place to work!

Be Consistent With your Brand

You may be the fingers behind the keyboard maintaining and keeping your social media updated. But the content should reflect the voice of the company, not of you. Think about what your company stands for and what you are trying to achieve. If you’re business is a consultative one, offering tips and advice is a great way to establish yourself as a voice of expertise. If it’s advertising or commercial, thinking of creative ways to engage followers will go towards suggesting you’re naturally good at what you do. Being yourselves is a sure fire way to stand out from the crowd – which can only be a positive thing! Have a look at advertising agency Indicia and how their tweets think outside the box.

Be Proactive

If a customer, potential candidate or other businesses show a desire to engage with you, make sure you respond! Getting involved in conversations and discussions over social media really gives you a great opportunity to promote yourselves. People are memorable of those that they have had positive interactions with, so take the opportunity to do this with as many people as possible. On social media, your contact with others becomes visible. So this is your chance to show you care about connecting with potential staff, customers and more. Instigating and encouraging communication are vital to this.

A strong presence on social media is what distinguishes good companies from great ones. As well as making it clear that you’re digitally savvy and approachable, the best thing about this promotional tool is that it’s a com