Social Network Recruiting by Will Harvey


Here at eRecruit, one of our major USP’s is that we utilise all the best major job boards that are available. This is to ensure that we cast open a really wide online net to catch all the best candidates in for our clients. Another big part of this nowadays is Social Network recruiting.

Social network recruiting has moved from a trend, to very much a necessity with 92% of employers using social recruiting throughout 2012. This is now no longer exclusive just to LinkedIn, all social networks are now fair recruiting game. Overall, about 75% of recruiters are using Facebook to source new talent, 50% of recruiters are now using Twitter with LinkedIn still very much the dominant recruiting tool with about 93% utilizing it as part of their processes.

As the “battle for talent” heats up in 2013 for companies looking to attract the top candidates, the buzz will all be about the hot trends in Social Recruiting: Employer Branding, Mobile Engagement, Social Sharing, Talent Communities, and Recruitment Videos. The bottom line is employers are using Social Media in all facets of the recruitment process while refining processes. If you are not in the game, it’s time to jump in but with care as the rules are becoming defined.

I personally have had a great deal of success using LinkedIn to help source some outstanding talent for my clients. I have over 670 connections which means I am LinkedIn to just shy of 14 million people. It’s a great way of getting in touch with potential candidates who you are highly unlikely to ever get through to on the phone. I am able to email them directly with a very succinct proposal and get a decision either way in a couple of days. I am hoping that this trend will carry on bringing success not just for me but for all my colleagues here at eRecruit for the rest of 2013!