Solve Your Foster Care Recruitment Worries

Solve your foster carer recruitment worries with eRecruit Solutions

A current shortfall in the number of foster carers means that there are over 60,000 children needing a foster home in the UK. Due to the high demand many fostering agencies are over-stretched in terms of recruitment and the ambiguity surrounding the requirements of a foster carer makes finding the right candidates very difficult. This is where eRecruit step in: our first-class flat fee and online recruitment method is able to tackle the obstacles fostering agencies face, saving them huge amounts of time and money, to ensure the best candidates are found.

The Basics
Factors such as age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and owning their own
property don’t affect a candidate’s chances of becoming a foster carer.
The basic requirements are:

  • 24/7 availability – this is not a 9-5 career thus candidates must be prepared to truly give themselves to the role; the child will need 24 hour care every day.
  • A spare room – it doesn’t matter whether they live in their own home or rented accommodation, as long as the foster child can have their own private space.
  • General good health – this reassures fostering agencies that the candidate can commit to the care and support of a foster child.
  • Motivation – a genuine passion for the care of children is essential to prove the candidate is becoming a foster carer for the right reasons.

Why eRecruit are so successful:

eRecruit can specifically target a location, but on top of this multiple locations can be targeted across the UK in order to help fostering agencies cope with the high demand. In addition, eRecruit are able to cover on average a 20 -30 mile radius from the centre of a location for one campaign.

If campaigns are taken on by a recruitment company for multiple fostering agencies in the same area, then this would be counterproductive. eRecruit will only commit to one agency in a specific location at any one time in order to provide a fair service.
Flat Fee Recruitment
eRecruit don’t charge clients per candidate but per role. This saves fostering agencies huge sums of money; they can deal with the high demand by hiring as many candidates from one campaign without further charge.
Continuous Campaigns
eRecruit are able to post ads on a wide range of online job boards and those for fostering agencies can be categorised into specific care sections. Many locations can be covered via this form of online recruitment which helps agencies to meet their demand by filling multiple vacancies, whilst they support successful candidates
through their 6-8 month training period.
Suitable Candidates
eRecruit save fostering agencies around 8-10 hours per week by removing 80% of the candidates that apply due to their unsuitability, therefore only the best calibre of applicants are sent on to the client. Once receiving the relevant candidates, the fostering agency can have direct control of the hiring process and gain a true reflection of the candidates’ personalities.
eRecruit Banner
A concern many fostering agencies share is that foster children will discover ads calling for foster carers and realise that their foster parents are being paid for their care. By using an eRecruit banner agencies avoid this risk and the concern is eliminated.

With the right recruitment strategy, hiring foster carers can be done effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the collaborative effort made by both the recruiter and the fostering agency can really help to change people’s lives.