Out-of-the-Box Methods to Source Candidates

Recruitment Methods

We all know the traditional methods of recruitment. However, there are other ways to source the best candidates on the market. In our opinion, the best way to find new talent is by partnering with an online recruitment agency. For a low-cost, fixed fee, online recruiters will expose your company across relevant online platforms, helping to attract the best candidates with targeted job ads, branded campaigns and tailored screening methods.

However, there are some additional ways to source top talent without doing much work at all. Here are some of the best.

Capitalise on employee referrals

This is one of the most overlooked methods of recruitment – but actually one of the most effective. Making employees aware of your hiring needs – perhaps incentivising them with referral bonuses – is a sure-fire way to find reliable candidates. To do this, discuss it at meetings and through internal communications. Think ahead and make employees aware of your hiring needs with e-mails detailing upcoming job opportunities. What’s more, employees will know exactly the type of personality needed to fill your roles. Retention rates are frequently better too.

Don’t skimp on the job description

Too many job adverts look and read alike: generic, uninspired and uninspiring. You can’t expect to attract top talent if your adverts don’t stand out from the competition. Make sure your job descriptions reflect your needs, detailing the culture of your company and selling your employer brand. Don’t forget important details that will automatically screen certain candidates: qualifications, past experience, specific skills, etc. If you’ve got a great company video, don’t be afraid to post it with your job ad; stats show that adverts with videos get a significantly better response.
Partner with the right online recruitment agency, such as eRecruit Solutions, and you’ll get a perfectly-crafted and effective job advert included in the flat-rate fee.

Get social networking

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Therefore, it is imperative to capitalise on it. Use social media to your advantage, especially when it comes to filling vacancies. There are plenty of websites that candidates use to find and apply for jobs, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Your brand should already be present and engaging on these platforms – if not, it’s time to start. A good online presence is essential for any modern business. Social media is a great way to get to know your candidates before deciding to interview or employ them.

Get out there and recruit!

It’s easy enough to post jobs online, but there’s a whole world out there! Nothing beats meeting people face to face, discussing the industry and creating new relationships. But where do you go? That’s easy. Get to industry events and trade shows; go to job fairs and recruitment drives. There are plenty of places to discover jobseeking talent.

Maintain good communication with candidates

This is twofold. First, ensure you maintain good communication with all candidates throughout the recruitment process. Nothing is worse than applying for a job, only to be left hanging around. It’s not professional and comes across as rude and apathetic – not the type of impression to give. Stay in contact with candidates, letting them know what’s happening with the process.

Second: from time to time, you may meet suitable candidates who are already employed. Other times, if you only have one vacancy, you may have to turn suitable candidates down. Whatever the case may be, stay in touch, through e-mail campaigns, newsletters or social media. Who knows, in a few months time, you may need to recruit again – and the candidate may be available.