How to Speed up Your Recruitment Process

Speed up your Recruitment Process with eRecruit Solutions

When filling vacancies, there’s often little time to waste. Here at eRecruit, we are firm believers that the early bird catches the worm – six years into the recruitment game means we know this to be true, in fact. The best candidates on the market are the first to get snapped up. Fortunately, there are many ways you can ensure you don’t miss out. Check out some of our top tips for a faster, seamless recruitment process.

Effective Screening

A big time consumer in the recruitment process is the screening of applicants. Where there are more jobseekers, there are more irrelevant candidates that apply for a role. On the other side of this coin, there are more relevant ones, too. So sorting the wheat from the chaff is an important, yet sometimes tedious, task. So why not let somebody else do it? eRecruit Solutions have an REC qualified team that know all there is to know about CVs, cover letters and applications, meaning they deliver you purely screened CVs that have passed the criteria you set out. This effectively means that by the time you start hiring, you’re already a big step ahead in the process.

Widen Your Net

Waiting for applications to come in to find the ones that wow you is no way to save time on recruitment. Branching out the advertising on your vacancy to hit as many job boards as possible means that you’ll get the right amount of applications you need much sooner. This saves valuable time and means you can crack on with hiring while advert is still doing the rounds. Posting on over 1800, including all the most popular ones, means you have a much bigger pond for fishing in.

Optimise Your Job Ad

When it comes to securing high amounts of candidates, it’s important to be high up on the job boards. Lots of jobseekers will only scroll so far through the results that get thrown up when they’re looking for a vacancy, and it makes sense that the top results will receive the most traffic. eRecruit Solutions refresh job ads to ensure they reach the top results  throughout out the recruitment campaign. This saves time as it ensures momentum is kept up throughout the campaign.

Get in Touch   

After receiving applications, it is important to get in touch with the ones that interest you immediately. Candidates with the best quality CVs and most experience get snapped up first, and jobseekers apply for several jobs at one time. Thanks to online recruitment, it’s easier than ever to get back to candidates almost as soon as they send their CV through. Whether it’s to have an initial chat or to book them in for an interview, touching base with candidates is vital. Not only will it mean you’re less likely to miss out, it will also mean that the candidates interest in your vacancy is retained, making them more eager to get the position.

There are more than a few ways that your hiring process could be sped up a notch. Teaming up with eRecruit means that you will have more time to do what you do best – running your business!