Speeding Up Your Recruitment Process – Part Two

Speeding the Recruitment Process

In Part 1, we discussed our top tips for speeding up your recruitment process. If you’re yet to partner with an online recruitment agency, give it a go today. There are many methods for speeding up and streamlining your in-house recruitment, but the most time-efficient and cost-effective option is to partner with professionals.

Remember, online recruitment agencies have access to the widest pool of talent: the internet. Online recruitment provides a very fast turnaround time. Couple this with a low-cost, fixed fee (meaning you can keep track of your cost per hire) and your recruitment process becomes easier than ever.

In the meantime, here’s Part 2 of our top tips.

Tap your company for internal talent

In many companies there exists an internal goldmine of talent. However, most business owners and recruiters choose to search for workers externally. Taking on external recruitment alone may prove fruitless, especially if it isn’t backed by the right marketplace knowledge. Internal workers are already familiar with the company culture and employer brand, and may not require orientation and training. Allowing internal applicants to apply for roles, or embarking on an internal headhunt, is a sure-fire way to speed up the hiring process without compromising quality.

Ask employees for referrals

There’s no better way to speed up your recruitment process than making your employees aware of the company’s desire to hire. The best way to discuss this is at company meetings and through internal communications. Send out company e-mails detailing any forthcoming opportunities. Perhaps incentivise your employees with a referral bonus too; it will encourage employees to keep their eyes and ears open for new talent. Better still, your employees will know exactly what it takes to succeed in your company. Retention rates for referrals are famously better too.

Include videos in your job specs

With the advancement and proliferation of technology, video and film is becoming more integrated with the recruitment process. Accessing job-related video content is becoming a routine part of the hiring process, including interviews, tests and assessments. It’s all about engagement; something all companies should be aware of. Research has shown that job ads with videos attract roughly a third more applicants than those without. Theoretically, the more content and information you provide, the better. Therefore, where appropriate, you need to start adding or linking to video content in your job ads. By making your adverts more accessible, you have more chance of being seen and shared on social media and business platforms, which provide exposure to a wider market. And by having access to a wider market, you can significantly reduce your time to hire.

Make a long-term recruitment plan

Not always easy – especially if you can’t predict your hiring needs – but definitely worth a shot. Devise a resource strategy for the year, outlining when you will need new recruits and for what purpose. This won’t necessarily speed up your recruitment process, but it will at least prepare you to fill vacancies in good time.