Speeding Up Your Recruitment – Why Hiring Should be a Swift Process

Speeding Up Your Recruitment with eRecruit Solutions

In the digital age, there’s not a lot that doesn’t get done much faster than it did a couple of decades ago. The recruitment industry is no exception to this, and there’s a lot to be said for getting recruitment done quickly. Working with eRecruit can get your job vacancy up and running within days of consulting with you. Here’s the run-down of why speedy recruitment is so important, and how you can make yours run a little faster.

Secure the Best Candidates

The higher the calibre of candidate, the faster they get snapped by hirers. If you’re looking for a skilled professional, someone with a good level of experience or someone with a particular specialism, your search will get more and more narrowed. With this in mind, it’s important to get in touch with any applicant who you feel could be a go-er sharpish. Some jobseekers apply for lots of jobs at once, meaning that a month or two months down the line, their recollection of your vacancy has wavered. It also means they have probably come across several other vacancies that are attractive to them after yours. To reach the best applicants with the highest amount of interest in working for you, it’s best to get in touch no later than two weeks after you received their CV.

Keep the Ball Rolling

Prevent things stagnating or stopping and starting again by swiftly bringing in new employees to fill your vacancies. Where a gap is left in your team, work piles up and other employees have to take some of the burden, meaning that the way your team operates will have to change and adapt. While this should be doable for the short-term, it’s not a great idea to let an empty seat stay empty for too long. A more rapid changeover of staff means that the new starter has a more clear cut idea of the gap they have been brought in to fill, rather than becoming part of a team that needs to offload various tasks they’re struggling to get done on a newbie. With eRecruit, you can start calling and interviewing candidates as soon as you’re applications come through, meaning that you can begin the second stage of the hiring process before your campaign has finished. This gives you less to do all at once and means that you get new starters in faster.

Employ People with Staying Power

The more time and attention you put into your hiring process, the better the response from candidates will be. This includes being able to give fast responses and offering them solid options before anyone else. Interviewing candidates soon after they applied to your vacancy gives you a chance to talk to them before any other factors crop up that could affect their circumstances. The time CVs spend sat in your in-tray is time that your new employees could be working with you in.

With online, flat-fee recruitment being one of the fastest and most efficient hiring methods, it’s time to give us a whirl if you want to employ people faster.