Speed Up Your Recruiting Process – Part One

Speed Up Recruiting

It seems that companies are starting to rely too heavily on such metrics as retention and performance and relying less on classic metrics, such as cost and speed per hire. However, despite being reduced, these metrics haven’t been altogether forgotten. Cost and speed per hire remain important, but are now rightly balanced with quality.

Before diving into our top tips for speeding up your recruitment process, it’s essential to know the best option out there: leaving it to the professionals. That’s right – us! The simplest way to get the most from recruitment, in terms of quality, retention, and cost and speed per hire, is to partner with an online recruitment agency. And why’s that? Well, you not only get prime access to marketplace knowledge, but with eRecruit Solutions, you also benefit from a flat-fee recruitment service. With a fixed rate, your recruitment agency should provide ad writing, screening, short-listing and advice. Online recruiters also have access to the widest pool of relevant talent, with the quickest means of turnaround too: the internet.
Whilst you consider using an online recruitment service, here are our top tips for speeding up your hiring process, without compromising quality.

Better compensation

Of course money isn’t everything. Most candidates would rather take an attractive company culture over a higher salary. However, money will always act as a deal-clencher for many – it can spur someone to apply for a job or help make the decision accept a job offer. Higher compensation theoretically means more applicants, as well as a reduction in the number of people who reject offers of employment. These factors will significantly slash your time to hire. Higher salaries also open you up to a higher level of talent.

Better quality job specs

Despite salary being a prime attractor in job adverts, better quality job specs will also help entice on-the-fence candidates. Don’t forget, the average jobseeker wants to know about company culture, career prospects and development, training opportunities and management style. In today’s world, employer brand is vital. So, in order to attract more candidates (leading to faster hiring), create better quality and more alluring job descriptions.

Flexible interviews

As the old adage goes, time is money. That not only goes for management, but top talent too. No matter how committed top talent may be, they will have other obligations that could hinder their flexibility for an interview. Always offer flexible interview choices. To speed up the process, why not conduct an initial interview by telephone or video call. Perhaps offer an evening or weekend option. This is an excellent way to cut your time to hire without compromising quality.

Archive previous candidates

This is an old method, but one that is particularly useful, especially if you’ve been torn between two or three candidates in the past. Keep track of the people you reluctantly had to reject or those who showed great potential. When a suitable vacancy pops up, those candidates could still be on the market. What’s more, this method of hiring has never been easier; keep track of interesting candidates through social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Ease of access to an existing talent pool means that this is one of the quickest ways to hire.