Staying Connected With Your Perfect Candidate

Staying Connected with Candidates is the best way of keeping them

After a long and expensive process trying to find the best candidate for your role, you’ve finally found someone who is perfect and they’ve accepted – phew! However, many hiring managers make the fatal mistake of ceasing communication after their offer has been accepted and before the candidate’s start date. This enables their current employer and your competitors to snap up this perfect applicant and dash all of your hopes for your new hire. To avoid your selected candidates from changing their minds, here are our top tips on maintaining communication at this crucial time.

Appoint a point of contact.

In many cases, when a talented person hands in their notice their current employer will try to make a counter offer in order to persuade them to stay (after all if they impressed you, no doubt they are worth fighting for). This is why it’s important to make it someone’s job to keep in touch with your chosen candidate after they’ve accepted your offer. If the candidate has a contact email or number for someone at your company, when their current organisation or a competitor makes them a counter offer they have the opportunity to make you aware of this; which gives you the chance to improve the offer you’ve made. Another reason a point of contact is a crucial part of this process is that they can solve any doubts or queries the candidate may have about the job they’ve recently accepted. By making sure this staff member keeps in regular contact with the new hire, you can respond to their concerns quickly and effectively, helping them to feel confident about their decision and ready for their new role. They will appreciate your dedication to their wellbeing thus will be less likely to turn their back on your offer.

Give them a small task to complete.

Providing the candidate with a project to complete will help keep your company at the forefront of their mind. It will be harder for other companies to distract them from your offer if they have something interesting to focus and work on. Although they’ve already accepted the job verbally, the candidate may see this task as a final challenge to help prove themselves worthy of being selected. Their start date is more likely to stick in their mind if they have something to present to you on the day. If you can make the project you set them related to the role they’ve recently obtained, it will give them an idea of what will be expected of them once they start and (hopefully) get them excited about their new job.

Introduce them to their team.

If possible, it’s a good idea to have the candidate meet the team they will be working with in order to help them feel a part of it before they’ve even started. It will make their first day seem less daunting if they can do this prior to their start date and make their acceptance feel more real, rather than just a verbal agreement. You can even organise meeting to be held in an informal environment, such as a social occasion where they can feel at ease and get to know everyone in a more relaxed setting. If they can feel welcomed and already a part of the team before their official start date, then they’re less likely to go back on their acceptance of your job offer.

So if you find your recruitment strategy is failing at the final hurdle, use the tips above to ensure you don’t lose touch with your perfect candidate. These small efforts could be the difference between successfully obtaining and losing a talented individual who will make a serious impact on your company.