Staying Connected

Staying Connected with Potential Staff

Social media is growing ever more important in the recruitment process and this is evidenced in a currently-running poll on, which indicates that the majority of recruiters believe it will be the dominant strategy that recruitment specialists turn to over the next five years. By using websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, online recruitment agencies are increasing the exposure to job adverts and accessing a wider range of candidates as a result.

So why is social media one of the most useful recruiting strategies, and how can you use it to your advantage? Here are a few of the reasons.

Reach passive candidates

The casual job seekers of this world who don’t religiously check the main job sites could be missing out on some great opportunities: and as an employer you could be missing out on some great candidates too. By using social media to broadcast any job vacancies that become available, the pool of potential employees to you is hugely increased. However, in most cases, social media alone will not reach the desired number of candidates. As part of the recruiting services included here at eRecruit Solutions, we advertise positions in your company on up to 1,800 job boards and then use social media channels to further broadcast the vacancy: all for a flat fee. You can’t say fairer than that!

Screen candidates before hiring

Did you know that a recent Career Builder survey discovered that 37% of employers now look at the social media profiles of potential employees before hiring them? The likes of Facebook and Twitter are becoming an increasingly important tool not just for sourcing candidates, but also for screening them to see if they are suitable for the role in other ways; for instance employers have cited things such as inappropriate photos, criticising previous employers and showing poor communication skills as reasons for potential candidates failing to secure roles. It is one of the recruiting strategies that could be used to avoid candidates who may seem like the perfect fit in terms of experience and achievements, but perhaps wouldn’t fit into your company culture.

Promote your company culture

This brings us nicely onto our next point! Social media can be a great avenue to also sell your company to employees and make it seem like a great place to work: not that there’s any doubt that it is, I’m sure! By updating your followers about social outings, staff parties and general goings-on in the office, passive candidates could be persuaded to apply for a job with you a vacancy does arise.

Interact with candidates

Social media is also a great chance to interact with candidates and continue to promote your company ethos. Potential candidates are bound to be impressed by a company with an open and approachable online presence that is constantly interacting and engaging with their social media followers. Remember that recruitment is a two way road: the top candidates out there need to be persuaded that your company is right for them aswell.