Sales – Why You Should Take on More Trainees

Taking on More Trainees

Working in recruitment for many years means that we know a trick or two. One thing we are as advocate of is not underestimating the underdog candidates. We’re talking about your less experienced, or you’re experienced but underqualified. Here’s why.

More Choice

Experienced staff, especially sales trainees, are getting harder and harder to come by. As business in the UK increases in general and more opportunities crop up, a lot of the top dogs are doing well in their current positions, making them less likely to move. Not only are the majority of job applicants younger and less experienced, a lot of them are keen as mustard to get stuck in. This can be a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for talent that will bring new ideas and creativity into your business.

Minds for Molding

Taking on trainees as opposed to employees that are ready to rock can be a great decision. The main benefit is that you can train them up to learn the way you do business. They don’t have preconceived ideas of how things can be done. They also have more of an appetite for learning. Taking on trainees is a good way of recruiting your future business leaders. They can progress and grow within your company, meaning that for a bit of extra time showing them the ropes, they provide you with an excellent return on investment.

Tap into Someone’s Potential

Everyone has to start somewhere, so a CV lacking in work-ready skills shouldn’t be dumped in the bin. Finding someone with great potential and allowing them to realise this is one of the best things about being a hirer, and one of the most rewarding aspects, too. There are plenty of other things that can determine whether someone has the ability to make the cut, outside of academic or work-related achievements – especially in sales. These include tenacity, confidence, negotiation, inter-personal skills, and communication, to name but a few.

So there we have it! Why not give a few trainees a whirl this year and see the positive results for yourselves.