Foster Carers – Targeting the Right People!

Finding the right people for Foster Carers

When it comes to foster caring, we understand that there is no set type of person drawn to the prospect of becoming a carer. So when targeting potential foster carers, it is necessary to take a slightly different tact to recruiting for more business related roles. eRecruit take pride in being specialists for foster care recruitment. Allow us to share some top tips on how to attract foster carers!

Get Area Specific

Foster caring is a role best taken on close to home. Many small agencies operate area specific only, and the bigger agencies all divide their services up by region. The need for this is straightforward, as it is important to keep children as close to home as possible. Also, foster carers are operating out of their own homes. A localised service is therefore important. Here at eRecruit, we ensure our job ads are posted under the label of a specific area, in order to ensure that they reach people searching within that region. Across our vast network of job boards, we not only sure vacancies are under region appropriate headers, but we also post on area specific job boards. This way you can be sure that your campaign will only receive interest and response that you can actually follow up with.

Targeted Job Adverts

Fostering is not your average job and therefore needs to be treated differently. It is vital that the benefits of fostering are outlined in the job advert – particularly the rewarding nature of the career. Making it clear that the role directly changes and improves a child’s life means that the vacancy will appeal to people with these intentions at the heart of their search. Moreover, emphasising the amount of time, dedication and other requirements may turn some people away – but they would have been unsuitable for a foster caring role if they could not meet these anyway. Outlining the requirements from the offset means that potential carers will either identify that they have the requirements, or strive to rearrange things so that they can meet them. In short, we do all we can within the job ad to ensure only appropriate candidates take the next step.

Continuous Recruitment

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely for agencies to find a surplus of suitable carers, and new homes and families are in constant demand. This often makes ongoing recruitment more effective, rather than short, large bursts. With no cost per hire, eRecruit can set up continuous recruitment campaigns under one manageable fee that covers all your recruitment needs. This saves tons of cash compared with many other recruitment models. It also saves essential time that would be spent setting up several different campaigns. Refreshing and rewording the adverts for your campaigns means they stay fresh, current and continue to come high up in online searches.

With a few easy steps, recruiting for foster carers becomes a much more straight forward process. The ultimate aim is to reach as man people as possible in order to generate as much interest into your recruitment as you can. So teaming up with eRecruit can be the best way to do this!