How can Technology help improve Recruitment Strategies?


It’s always a good idea to update your recruitment strategy so you are constantly finding the best talent, as well as making the process easier and more efficient for both your candidates and staff.  With technology constantly being used by jobseekers, it’s important to both understand and utilise it to your advantage so you have a better chance of attracting and securing the best possible candidates. So how can you use technology to make your vacancies stand out and attract more tech-savvy candidates?

Get connected.

Social media now plays a huge role in everyday life and it can be a useful recruiting tool. If your company creates a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use it to interact with potential applicants and find people suitable for your roles. Posts can be directly targeted to the type of candidates that you require by highlighting the level and skills needed for the position. If you advertise a vacancy on one or more of these social networking sites, you’re likely to get more exposure due to the likelihood of people sharing it with their friends. According to HR Morning, 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social networking site, so this shows how advertising your positions via one of these platforms can improve your chances of finding the best candidates for your vacancies.

Be accessible.

A 2012 study revealed that 86% of people use their smartphones and tablets when jobseeking and 47% used them to apply for jobs. However, less than 10% of job boards in the UK and US are accessible by mobile devices. This could mean you are losing potential candidates who don’t bother to apply if they cannot access your vacancies straightaway. Make your website user-friendly for all, easy to navigate and accessible on multiple devices, as well as linking it to your social media pages. Also, ensure you are constantly updating websites and social media pages as outdated information looks unprofessional.

LinkedIn is a great way to find people who write articles on the areas that your company specialises in and could lead to finding someone who might not have thought to apply. In your application process allow candidates to pull in their profile and connect it to their application. This will help you to assess their skills, qualities and recommendations clearly, speeding up the screening process. LinkedIn also allows you to find potential candidates before they are looking for a new opportunity which gives you a massive advantage if you manage to stimulate a talented individual’s interest.

Incorporate video.

A video-introduction is becoming a great way to determine if a candidate is suitable for the role as it allows them to be original and persuade you of their suitability in a short space of time. Some businesses are now also utilising one-way interviews where a candidate gets sent questions set by the employer and they video themselves answering them. This saves time for the hiring manager and is also an easy way to filter out those who don’t fit with the company culture.

These technological advancements in the recruiting world allow you to spend less time overall on the hiring process as they make it easier and quicker for the candidates to apply and for you to screen them more efficiently. It will also make you look more appealing as a company and attract the most discerning of candidates if you are constantly using new ways to interact with your target audience.