Our Best Tips for High Volume Recruitment

Discover our High Volume Recruitment tips from eRecruit Solutions

The bigger your business, the higher your turnover of staff, meaning that as you grow you end up spending more and more on recruitment. This doesn’t need to be the case, however, as a new, updated recruitment model can revolutionise your hiring for good. We’ve been experts in high volume recruitment for some time now, so take a look at some of our advice.

Selective Screening

Regardless of how many people you need to hire, it’s important to make sure you’re new staff are of the right calibre for your roles. You don’t have to settle for any lesser quality candidates in order to fill vacancies – there are plenty of talented people out there looking for a job. With eRecruit, you can tap into a huge network of online jobseekers across the nation’s most popular job boards. Reaching such a large pool means that you vacancies get significantly more applications, increasing the chance of there being plenty of good eggs to choose from. With full, manual screening by our in-house REC qualified team, you only ever have to look at CVs that will be relevant to your role. This saves you a bunch of time and means that you can set appropriate criteria which you want your applicants to meet.

Continuous Recruitment

An ongoing recruitment campaign is a good way to keep your vacancies filled on a rolling basis rather than mass waves. The benefits of this is that it allows your new starters to filter in more gradually, meaning that you don’t have large amounts of inexperienced staff at once.  The new starters consequently get more time and attention when they are being trained, and can receive more help from your existing staff. You may already carry out continuous recruitment by receiving a certain amount of candidates from a recruitment agency every month. You can reduce your recruitment spend dramatically by a running one recruitment campaign that aims to generate a certain amount of candidates for you each month.

Reduced Cost

The major benefit using eRecruit Solutions for your high volume recruitment is that you can keep your recruitment costs at a very manageable level. Once you’re campaign is set up, you will never pay more than one flat fee. For companies that have previously paid a cost per hire, this can mean savings of tens of thousands. It makes sense that you pay one fee and can hire as many people as you like, as last minute needs for additional staff won’t cost you a penny extra. The time you save by not having to read and go through every single application your vacancy attracts means that more of your time can be dedicated to getting on with what you’re best at – your job!

eRecruit are on a mission to dispel the myth that high volume recruitment has to require digging deep into your pockets. Online recruitment is all about flexibility and low costs – so with a tailored recruitment package it’s super simple to achieve both these things.