Too Many Candidates, Too Few Jobs

Too Many Candidates too few jobs

The current job market is competitive. That may sound like a lazy truism, but it’s an important fact to remember when selecting candidates. While a saturated job market may sound like an employer’s dream, it can often be quite the opposite – a recruitment nightmare.

Because candidates are so eager to find employment, they will often apply for anything, carpeting bombing employers with CVs, often repeatedly. Anything that seems vaguely relevant to their skill-set or experience is considered fair game.

However, there are certain measures that companies can put into place to help the recruitment process run smoothly. Before getting into our top hiring tips, it’s essential for business owners to know their options.

Recruitment needn’t be a necessary evil. In fact, it should be a pleasant and rewarding process. By using a recruitment agency, you bypass the burden of saturated markets and screening methods. Good recruitment agencies will do this for you. And no, you don’t have to break the bank to get this service. Online recruitment was introduced to help cut costs and save companies money. For a low-cost flat fee, you can enjoy the entire recruitment service, including job ads, screening and short-listing. So, if you’re wasting too much time and money on in-house recruitment, it may be time to hand the reins over to the professionals.

In the meantime, here are our top tips for hiring new employees in a candidate-saturated market.

Start with a meeting. By discussing the job vacancy with your employers, partners and stakeholders, everyone can agree on the type of person needed for the role. Be sure to define the role thoroughly and what skills are needed to fill it.

Create a detailed person spec and job spec. The former should list the skills and experience needed to carry out the job role; the latter should describe the functions of the role in relation to your company. Both of these should be listed in the job ad.

Wisely choose how and where to recruit. Don’t just contact a handful of jobs boards and hope for the best. Advertise with reputable and trusted jobs boards, niche sites, trade publications and other reliable platforms. Again, to save time and money, this process is best left to an online recruitment agency.

Screen applicants shrewdly. Don’t use lazy vetting techniques. Before selecting applicants for an interview, chat with them on the telephone. Profile them. Find out their motivations and reasons for wanting to work for you. Applicants who have carpet bombed their CVs will most likely fail at this stage – that’s if they even remember applying for the job.

Schedule interviews as quickly as possible. The fact is, talented candidates won’t be around for long. If you leave the interview process too long, you may have to settle for second or third best. Get applicants in quickly; there’s always time to whittle them down for a second interview.

Good candidates will be interviewing you too. Therefore, it is important to keep all candidates updated and in the loop. This will help to build their confidence in you as a company and will strengthen your employer brand.