The Top 5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid in Your Career


We all want success and progression in our career, so it’s imperative we don’t put all our hard work at risk by doing silly costly mistakes. Here are our top five mistakes people make to help you avoid them and ensure you achieve the career you desire.


  1. Accepting New Roles On Impulse: If you’re faced with the prospect of being jobless or in the unfortunate position of being between jobs, it’s easy to accept the first job that you’re offered, but it’s vital that you think carefully before signing on the dotted line. If a job isn’t right for you, don’t take it just because you think having any job is better than nothing; this may be true in terms of money, but by undervaluing yourself you might end up underemployed, having low self-esteem and even possibly damage your further career development (see here for more information from our sister careers advice site).


  1. Lose Focus Of Your Career Goals: Employers’ plans are often based on theirs and the company’s agendas, not yours. Hitting the company goals and targets is great, but don’t lose focus on your own aspirations, because your career progression will suffer. Beware of companies making you jump through hoops that will not actually benefit you and never forget your own personal timeline on what needs to be done to achieve your goals.


  1. Burn Your Bridges: Make sure that when you leave a job that you do so in a professional manner. Always give the notice conveyed in your contract and work proficiently during your notice period with meaningful handover notes. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position where it’s not your choice to leave, make sure both you and your employers diligently follow the correct legal process and do seek outside advice as to your rights and options. Even in this case it’s worth negotiating with your employers and leaving amicably to ensure a good reference; a future potential employer is bound to notice any anomalies which can jeopardise you securing the right next role.


  1. Maintain A Work-Life Balance: It’s been found that the biggest single regret most workers have in their career, is not spending enough time with their family. Long hours and commutes, and only occasionally being able to eat with your family might mean a high salary, but it can put a significant strain on your home life. At the beginning of your career when you’re single and have no children it’s okay, but it’s essential as you develop your career you maintain a good balance to ensure happiness; your wellbeing significantly impacts on your professional growth.


  1. Using Social Media Unprofessionally: Always remember that it’s fairly easy for employers to examine your social media presence or be made aware of it. Therefore anything that reflects badly on you could be seen by your current or potential employer(s) and this could negatively impact on your career, or worst case lead to you being fired or preventing you from obtaining your next role.


If you make sure you’re avoiding the above mistakes it can have a significant effect in helping you achieve the career you both want and desire, as well as reaching your potential.