Top Interview No Nos

Top Interview No Nos Tips

So, you’ve reached the interview stage of the recruitment process. Although you’re approaching the end of your search for a new employee, this is the crunch time and it’s more important than ever to say and do the right things. There are a lot of grey areas in interviewing that you need to avoid entering to make sure you conduct it quickly, professionally and efficiently. But interviewing doesn’t have to be a minefield- by following these guidelines you can ensure that you get the most out of them as possible.

Don’t Ask About…

Although it may easy to be put off interviewing altogether by the wealth of no-go areas, there’s one golden rule to remember: if you’re thinking of asking a question that doesn’t relate directly to the candidate’s ability to do the job, don’t do it. These questions could be on topics such as race, colour, sex, religion, nationality, birthplace, age, disability and marital status.

Avoid Closed Ended Questions

Now you know the areas which you should steer clear of, it’s worth being aware of a few tactics which could really help you to pick out the highest quality candidates. First off: you should let the interviewee speak as much as possible, and to do that try to always ask open-ended questions. So instead of asking ‘Do you have sales experience?’ try asking instead ‘Tell me about your sales experience’. Remember, the interview is a great opportunity for you to find out as much as you can about the candidate: you’re not going to do that by asking a bunch of yes or no questions!

Avoid Leading Questions

Another type of question to dodge is a leading one: for example, ‘Why were you sacked from this company?’ suggests that the person was sacked, rather than leaving of their own accord. Inferring something like this is not only unfair on the candidate, but it could also put an instant strain on your relationship. Then, if word were to spread about your interview techniques it could even place your company in a negative light- a definite no no!

Don’t Be Interrupted (Unless There’s An Emergency)

A big interviewing problem is when interviewers are constantly nipping out of the room to take a phone call or something else. Disrupting the flow of the interview is not the best use of you or your interviewee’s time- it’s hard to really get to know somebody if the conversation isn’t continuous. Cancel your meetings, don’t take any calls and make sure you’re only disturbed if it’s an emergency- that way, you’ll be sure to get the most out of the interview as possible.

There Are a Lot of Hurdles…

This is admittedly a lot to take in, particularly if you’re new to interviewing. Although it’s a necessary step in the recruitment process, there a lot of ways to make the whole process that bit easier. Enlisting the recruiting services of a flat fee, online recruitment agency will mean that your job vacancy is advertised online, a huge selection of candidates screened by recruitment specialists and then the most suitable delivered to you. That way, you can concentrate your energy on your interview technique- giving you a better chance of securing the ideal candidate for your company.