Top Tips for Hiring Expats

eRecruit Solutions Top Tips for Hiring Expats

Whether you run a business overseas or are looking to take some business over there, there are lots of advantages for taking UK staff with you. More and more Brits are finding the idea of emigrating for a job more appealing. The competition for roles is lessened and the salaries are often higher, as well as the attraction of getting to experience a different, and often warmer, climate. Here at eRecruit, we source candidates to work in a variety of locations across the globe, most popularly the UAE. So what are the most effective ways of recruiting expats?

Do it in Bulk

Recruiting expats has an inevitable initial cost. You may have to fly a representative over, combined with the flights for the recruits you want to take back with you. It’s therefore often more cost effective to run larger recruitment campaigns less often. This will heavily depend on the size of your business and the volume of people you need to hire. Some companies may run UK recruitment every quarter or every third, while others may do so annually. Online recruitment is one of the most flexible models to use, and eRecruit clients can hire as many candidates as they like for one flat fee, making us a preferable choice for recruiting expats.

Emphasise What’s on Offer

Certain roles are easier to recruit for in certain areas, and the same can go for nation. In Britain, the job market is still competitive, and many of the top talented professionals are reluctant to move to another UK position, as the grass isn’t always greener. Sometimes there has to be a little more on offer to tempt talented performers out of their comfortable roles, and overseas opportunities can often do just that. There are bigger markets and economies to work within than the British one, creating better job prospects overall. Factors such as tax free salaries and good promotion opportunities should be highlighted to candidates, as well as lifestyle benefits such as cheaper housing and the local culture/setting.

Reach Far and Wide

When recruiting for expats, you have the added advantage of being able to recruit nationwide, as the job requires candidates to relocate anyway. This is where online recruitment comes in handy, as it makes it much easier to target a wide and diverse range of people, generating more applications. Getting coverage across all the main job boards, plus many others, means that your recruitment campaign for expats will be seen by a vast amount of people. The best part is that all irrelevant applications are screened out manually by our team, leaving you with the best pick of the bunch.

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