Using Facebook to Recruit – A Good Idea?

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At 1.35 billion, the total number of Facebook users makes up a sizeable chunk of the global population. This makes it great for finding people, which, let’s face it, is what recruitment often boils down to. Despite having a ridiculous amount of people using it every single day, how useful really is Facebook as a recruitment tool?

Background Checks

Social media checks are now pretty standard procedure when assessing a candidate’s suitability. You might expect to find pictures of a candidate napping on the pavement with a half-eaten kebab delicately balancing on their head and end up finding they spend their time knitting scarves and volunteering at the local cattery. Regardless of what you’re hoping to find, Facebook can often help you find it. It’s safe to say that Facebook allows more of a realistic insight into someone’s personal life than LinkedIn, however, a savvy candidate will have either made themselves unsearchable or – at the very least – removed their incriminating content. So is there any real reliable way of scoping out a candidate before you meet them?

Attracting Candidates

With a huge potential audience to dip into, advertising vacancies can be a great way to attract candidates to a vacancy. Tailored and relevant ads geared towards the type of candidates you require are a good way to gather attention (general ads will just go to waste). However, buying advertising isn’t the only way you can obtain candidates through Facebook. Keeping a well-run and regularly updated company page is a great way of interacting with the relevant people. All it needs is the right incentives for people to interact with the page, for example, instead of purely posting vacancies, recruiters should also be sharing useful content and resources. This way, followers can interact and share rather than just tacitly reading updates.

Attracting Business

Having a visibly buzzing and active Facebook presence (and the same across all social media) is not only a great way to impress and interact with potential employees but also potential partners and/or clients. Sharing anything of use and interest, such as sector news and updates, tips, advice and so on is essential to help achieve this. If potential clients and competitors see that you have great social media interaction with candidates (and anyone, really) it’s a great bit of free positive PR.

So when it comes to social media a recruitment, it’s a big yes to utilising most platforms. And it seems that even Facebook can have its benefits!