Things To Look For When Using A Jobs Board – Part One

How much will it cost

Jobs boards allow companies to be fully in control of their online advertising. However, with so many jobs boards out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. The best way to use jobs boards to their full effect is by working with an online recruitment agency.

Revolutionary online recruitment models, like those used by eRecruit Solutions, utilise the power of nearly 2,000 jobs boards to attract relevant and qualified applicants. You may think this kind of exposure comes at a premium. In some cases, it does – but it really shouldn’t. The entire recruitment cycle, from writing job ads to making short-lists, should come at a low-cost, one-off fixed fee. If you’re not currently paying a flat rate for your recruitment, it may be time to start looking for a new recruiter.

Whether you do your recruitment in-house or use a recruitment agency, here are the things you (or your recruiter) should typically look for in a jobs board.

Who are your site visitors and users?

This is probably the best question to get answered. If you are searching for a web developer, you need to ensure the jobs board isn’t niche and lists web development jobs. Always ask how many similar jobs they deal with and how regularly. It’s also wise to find out how many similar companies are using the service.

How many visitors does your site have?

There’s one thing employers want from a jobs board: to have lots of relevant potential employees seeing their adverts. To get the right applicants, you need the maximum possible exposure. No eyes mean no applicants; and no applicants mean no employees. It’s essential to find out how popular a jobs board is before deciding to advertise. The stats you’re looking for include unique users, unique visits and applications made.

Online recruitment agencies specialise in this kind of knowledge.

What kind of response will I get?

A job advert – its performance and effectiveness – is particular to itself. Good jobs boards should give you an idea of how well your advert will do. Jobs boards should have a record of effective job ads and what it takes to be seen and heard on their sites. Despite not being able to tell you exactly how well your advert will perform, they should be able to tell you how similar adverts have performed in the past. It’s also worth asking what the average response rate is.

How much will it cost?

It’s imperative to get a price and know precisely what service you are receiving. For instance, some jobs boards will list your advert for one month, whereas others will list it for one week. Some will allow you to upload a logo with your advert, others won’t. Some jobs boards provide an editing facility to change your advert once it’s gone live. Some will include a CV search. Make sure you know what you’re paying for, and make sure it’s relevant to your needs.