How Do You Know If You Should Use a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment Agency

It’s all well and good hearing about all the benefits of an online, flat-fee recruitment agency, but it might be unclear if you even need to use one in the first place. Luckily, there are ways of telling if your current recruitment methods are up to scratch. If you’re using more traditional methods of recruitment and you’ve ever come across some of the following frustrations over the course of your search for a new candidate, now might be the time to start exploring your options to make sure you’re hiring the best candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Although speedy recruitment isn’t necessarily efficient recruitment, there can be nothing more frustrating than a lengthy and ultimately fruitless search for a new employee. If you find that you’re devoting all your attention to recruitment for a long period of time, it can start to distract you from the day job! By placing the responsibility of recruiting new staff in the hands of experts who understand how to recruit and where to recruit from, it won’t just save you loads of time and effort, it will also ensure you have the best chance of securing the best employee possible.


In all likelihood, if your current recruitment methods are dragging on then the costs of the process will be spiralling. Whether it’s the increasing price of job board advertisements or just the hours involved and the time consumed, traditional recruitment methods have a habit of becoming very costly: to the extent that the average hidden cost associated with hiring a new employee is £5,000. By reverting to a flat-fee recruitment service you can easily avoid the escalating costs that are involved in traditional recruitment.

Not Enough Applications

Sometimes your recruitment campaign may, quite simply, not reach enough people. This could be for a number of avoidable reasons, but the most likely is that it just hasn’t received the exposure that it could and should have done. Utilising the internet (that great invention) to ensure the job advert reaches as many potential candidates as possible is a key attribute of an online recruitment service.

Unsuitable Candidates

Being inundated with applications from candidates who aren’t suitable for the role you advertised is a common problem. By allowing a team of recruitment specialists to firstly construct a job advert that only attracts the most suitable candidates and then screen the applicants to deliver only the best of the best to the employer, the process can be made much more efficient.

If you feel that your current method of recruitment is suffering from any of these factors, we would naturally have to recommend going with the services of eRecruit Solutions. By providing the full recruitment process for a fixed, one-off fee, our expert team will help to overcome common problems in the recruitment process. What’s more, we even offer a FREE recruitment MOT to inspect your current methods over the phone or face-to-face to see if you would benefit from online recruitment.