Using Technology To Attract Top Talent

Recruiting Top Talent

About a decade ago, recruitment underwent a revolution: the birth of talent acquisition. It wasn’t just a mot du jour for selection and hiring, but a term that encompassed a new way of thinking. As opposed to traditional recruitment, talent acquisition is the continuous process of attracting, sourcing and hiring new workers. It also includes things like employment branding, outreach, networking and building relationships, in order to improve and optimise the talent pool of a business.

For companies unfamiliar with the practice, it can be a huge undertaking. Furthermore, technology plays an essential role in the process, maximising each stage of recruitment. Without the right technology, modern recruitment can prove tough, hindering the growth of companies.

Of course, the biggest game-changer for recruitment was the internet. Online recruitment is now not only possible, but a favoured method for finding qualified and relevant candidates. There is no going back from online hiring: our growing dependence on automated recruitment processes, such as talent acquisition systems, means it is easier and quicker than ever to trawl the internet for resumes and sort applications. It has also proved useful for sending interview requests and facilitating online tests. When you’re a company that receives a high response rate, this technology is indispensible, making candidate assessments straightforward and allowing recruiters to effectively create a hiring pipeline.

HR Analytics

Technology has also paved the way for objective recruitment intervention strategies. Through data collection and database management, metrics analysis has been simplified: the data that business owners and recruiters need is now readily available and easy to interpret. As such, recruiters are well-poised to locate the best sources of qualified candidates. Furthermore, they can study recruitment trends and foresee recruitment problems. HR analytics provide the key numbers that matter to recruiters, answering such questions as: who’s retiring? Can they be replaced internally? If so, what training and equipment will be needed? If not, what is the cost of recruiting externally? Ultimately, these metrics give companies a heads-up, allowing bosses to consider their options.

Talent Management Systems (TMS)

TMS is a piece of software that deals with the four main areas of talent management: recruitment, performance, development and compensation. In terms of selection and hiring, recruitment systems such as these are invaluable, covering all facets of the recruitment process. With TMS, the aforementioned ‘main areas’ of talent management can be simply integrated, allowing human resources departments collaborate and ultimately work more efficiently. For instance, problems like human capitalisation, which could have a direct impact on a company’s growth and profits, can be tackled head-on.

Online Recruitment

By having an effective recruitment process, companies are able to reach their objectives, make a profit and ultimately expand. Whether or not you already use these technologies, the best way to ensure good recruitment practice is to partner with an online recruitment agency. We know what you’re thinking: “Why should I partner with a recruiter when I’ve invested in technology?” A fair question – but remember, when it comes to external recruitment, no one knows the marketplace better than recruitment agencies. More to the point, from sales recruitment to call centre recruitment, recruitment agencies will be able to find external talent for a low-cost flat fee. By using a flat-rate recruitment service, you can complement your in-house efforts without breaking the bank, ensuring that your recruitment strategy is covered from all sides.