Utilising Mobile Recruitment

eRecruit Solutions discusses how to catch jobseekers on their mobile devices

With many jobseekers now using their mobile devices to search and apply for jobs, it’s time that recruiters came to understand how to leverage this form of technology in their search for great candidates. By introducing mobile recruitment into your hiring process, you can keep up with your competitors and make sure you’re in the running for securing the best talent for your roles. Here are some top tips on how to do so.

Create a mobile website/app.

Your website, particularly your careers site, should be mobile-friendly so that candidates can receive a bespoke experience and aren’t left puzzling how to navigate their way around when looking for available roles. The truth is, if your careers site is difficult to use via a mobile device or takes longer than ten seconds to load, great potential candidates will simply slip through your fingers. You may also want to create a mobile app: just make sure this is compatible with both IOS and Android devices to optimise its reach. The more accessible your site/app is, the better your response will be. Spending some time and money on creating a mobile careers site and/or an app will soon pay dividends as you’ll see an increase in the number of applications you receive, as you’ll attract on-the-go jobseekers.

Make applications easy.

Gone are the days where jobseekers simply want to use their mobile to search for job opportunities. These days, they’re looking for a process that enables them to search and apply for roles no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Therefore, make sure your online application form isn’t unnecessarily long, so candidates don’t have to continuously scroll down and click a hundred times to get through it. The idea of mobile recruitment is to make the process as quick and easy as possible, so don’t make your candidates jump through hoops, otherwise they’ll soon abandon the process altogether. Also, think about the range of users you’re appealing to, some may need more help along the way than others, hence why you should keep the process as simple as possible. Remember, don’t forget about those who still want to apply via your website – make sure both options are available.

Train your team.

It’s all well and good providing a mobile service for your candidates, but if your HR team is left without support and guidance, productivity and progress is likely to dwindle. Make it possible for hiring managers to reply to queries, place successful CVs into a ‘yes’ pile and send feedback to candidates via their mobiles. Spend some time training your staff on how to use this system to ensure a smooth process. This will speed up your response to jobseekers who will inevitably be impressed: these days they’re used to being ignored or left waiting weeks for feedback. As well as improving your candidate experience and thus boosting your likelihood of securing top talent, training your recruitment team in this way will also increase productivity in general; your recruitment strategy will run a lot smoother with better results at the end of it.

So as smartphones take over the lives of jobseekers around the world, it’s crucial that your recruitment strategy is updated so you can make the most of these technological advancements. Doing so will enable you to attract more talent to your roles and remain competitive in the job market. The trick is to keep it simple and make sure it’s as convenient as possible in order to persuade top talent to apply for your positions.