Video Games in Your Hiring Process

Video Games and your hiring Process

Recruiting strategies have felt the influence of technology over the past decade, mostly with the emergence of the Skype interview. But now companies are considering a new screening process: video games. The New York Times has reported that some companies are keen to use specifically created games to analyse candidates. So could your hiring process become more Borderlands than boardroom?


  • Cost
    Because applicants are able to play the games in the comfort of their own home, the costs of the hiring process can decrease as companies aren’t having pay for two rounds of face-to-face interviews. Instead, they can save the expenses and resources involved in interviews for those who pass this first stage.
  • Complex Data

Every second of a candidate’s performance on the video game can be analysed: every reaction and example of their thought process can be used to discover their characteristics. Essentially, a lot more about a candidate can be discovered in a shorter time period, freeing up more time for employers which is always a bonus.



  • Exclusion
    For younger applicants, being technology-savvy is far more common therefore they are more likely to embrace this change to the hiring process. However, many older candidates are not going to be able to adapt quite so well. Thus there is the potential of discouraging older applicants or simply giving younger ones the upper hand, which would be unfair.
  • Robots
    Some argue systems such as ATS, which scans CVs and selects those most worthy of an interview, are not so different from these video games. However, as these games focus on the behaviour of the candidates and judges their characteristics, they are a bit more personal. Therefore it begs the question, should we really give a robot this responsibility? What about gut feelings and the connection between certain personality types?

To discover more about the video game method, check out Knack’s ‘Wasabi Waiter’ ( and see whether you think this strategy could work for your company. For those companies who are always searching for new ways to discover the potential in their candidates, this could be the answer. However, perhaps more research is needed to discover whether this method is really able to decipher someone’s personality.