Wanted! Sales Candidates, Dead Or Alive

Sales Recruitment

So, according to the stats, there are plenty of sales jobs out there – yet many of those vacancies are left unfilled. So, why are employers finding sales recruitment so hard?

Sales recruiters are reportedly finding it tough to find qualified, relevant candidates. There is an evident disconnect between talent and job spec.

If you’re struggling with sales recruitment, the best option is to look for external help: partnering with an online recruitment agency. For companies that have never done this before, it can seem daunting. Many companies prefer a hands-on approach, not to mention the additional time and costs involved. However, partnering with an online recruitment agency can actually help lower recruitment costs, as well as save time. Online recruiters not only have access to the widest talent pool in the market, but many offer their services for a one-off, low-cost flat fee.

Here are some of the reasons that employers find sales recruitment problematic.

Widening skills gap

Research has shown that there is a widening skills gap between candidates and job specs. Many employers believe that this gap has an immediate effect on their ability to fulfil clients’ needs. Furthermore, if a candidate is hired, a company may have cut training budgets, which hinders the hiring process even more. It also impedes the chance of developing employees professionally, in line with your brand.

Where possible, look for candidates who have completed industry development courses and training. Experience should speak for itself – and good experience usually means good results.

Out-of-date hiring methods

On the other hand, it could be your own recruitment methods that are leaving your sales vacancies unfilled. If you’ve been using the same sales recruitment methods for years, try something new. Think outside the box and look at what the rest of your industry is doing. There are many sources to find candidates, so don’t rely on one single avenue. Again, the best way to expose your business to the widest pool of talent is to partner with an online recruitment agency.

Emphasise your needs

As mentioned, there is an obvious disconnect between candidate skills and jobs specs. This can be overcome in the job advert, by supplying as much information as possible. By not doing this, you run the risk of wasting valuable time and money on unnecessary interviews.

For instance, a job spec should state what you are looking for, including: number of years experience; academic qualifications; industry qualifications; service/product knowledge; salary expectations; commission; and any company-specific (not industry-specific) details.

By including this kind of information, you automatically screen out inappropriate applications and reduce the risk of sifting through tons of irrelevant CVs. Again, this painstaking process can be left to an experienced and knowledgeable recruitment agency.

Also, don’t forget to mention any perks and benefits of the job. Talented sales staff could easily be swayed towards your company if you provide more advantages than your competition.

By using these tips, you will be able to source relevant candidates to your vacancies and bridge the gap in your sales recruitment.