Maintaining Control of your Company Brand through the Hiring Process

eRecruit Solutions points out how to maintain control of your Company Brand through the hiring process

When outsourcing recruitment, it is of up-most importance of many companies to not lose full control over their company brand. Being one of the most valuable commodities to your business, how you are perceived by customers, employees and other businesses. In the digital age where candidates can interact with your company more so than ever, mostly thanks to social media, it’s important to understand your options in terms of finding recruitment that will suit the way your company operates. So how can you maintain the management of your companies brand while also saving time and money on your recruitment process?


When outsourcing staff it’s always a risk to advertise the fact that you are recruiting. The nature of your recruitment campaign will also heavily influence the way you advertise it. Running graduate recruitment schemes or apprenticeships means you will need to make these well advertised and ensure they reach the right demographic. For a lesser volume, it’s often beneficial to advertise your recruitment in an anonymous way. This prevents you from getting swamped with calls from job agencies once your campaign goes live, wanting to sell you candidates. It also leaves you in a position of power over most of your recruitment process – once you have your candidates you can interview and assess them however you like.

Well Run Process

The best way to maintain complete control over your companies brand is to keep track of your campaign’s progress. Teaming up with eRecruit means you receive applications as and when they come in, so you can gauge how successful your ad is doing. But before you even get started, you can have as much input as you like into the wording and content of your job advert. This means that you can put your own spin on it, regardless of whether it is a branded campaign or not.

Sell Yourselves

Another great way of protecting your companies brand is to make sure your company comes across as a great place to work. This becomes more crucial to the process once you have received all your applications. Getting in touch with the ones you wish to interview as soon as possible not only the most effective way of securing the best talent, but makes the employee much more excited about working with you. Being proactive and responsive at this stage will make you look great as a company. Whether you employ the person or not, you will build up a reputation for being a responsive and organised establishment.

With a little collaboration and teamwork, maintaining control of your companies brand needn’t take too much time or effort. Ultimately, It is up to you to decide whether your campaign would suit being branded or non-branded, but whichever you decide, eRecruit can make it work for you.