Trick or Treat – are you scaring away good candidates? By Mary Scudamore

With Halloween approaching, thoughts are turning to ghosts and ghoulies and all things spooky. But before you crack out the fake spider’s webs and apple bobbing, could your recruitment process be scaring away the top talent? Ok, so I know it isn’t spine-chilling or blood curdling, but the way you handle your recruitment process could be damaging the level of… Read More ›

A Breath of Fresh Air by Andy Taylor – Recruitment Consultant

After slogging my guts out for 11 years in sales, I have finally found a product that really does what is says on the tin! When I stumbled across eRecruit’s online job advert for a new Consultant, and looked at their flat fee recruitment solution, coming on board was a no brainer for me! Having already dabbled in head-hunting this… Read More ›

Waking Up To Smell The Coffee by Lee Burns – Financial Services Recruitment Specialist

Having been associated with the Financial Services industry for the past 22 years (12 years in Financial Services Recruitment!) I have worked with a multitude of business from small IFA’s to multinational organisations, looking after their recruitment needs. Since the recession in 2008 (with many businesses still feeling the strain) many companies have addressed what it costs to recruit individuals… Read More ›