The Fairer Sex by Gemma Adams

Sales, you would think, is pretty much gender neutral. Everyone is a sales person in some way shape or form so why the lack of women involved in the UK sales industry? Recent studies concluded that throughout the b2b sales industry showed 70% were male workers and only 30% were female. Surely women make up half of the ‘talent pool’… Read More ›

Keeping up with the Joneses with Sales Calls by Greg Pendleton

It’s amazing how dropping names throughout an introductory sales call can help build confidence in our products and services. Below are a few great places to mention the peers & competitors of a company when speaking to them over the phone! At the start of the call: • People naturally have their guard up and want to know very quickly… Read More ›

Why Flat Fee Recruitment Works Best by Andy Taylor

If you have a vacancy that you need filling ASAP (if not sooner) then going online is your best bet for finding someone fast. The internet has triggered a monumental switch from traditional recruiting methods to new digital methods which are not only better, faster, easier and cheaper, but here to stay. And, the best thing is that, with this… Read More ›

The eRecruit Solutions Definition of Success by Ashleigh Rielly

Success wears many different masks for different people; whether it be accomplishing a task, attaining popularity, making profit, or winning a competition… At eRecruit Solutions our mission is to help you and your business gain success through hiring the right people. A jobseeker succeeds by finding their next step; a great job, a good salary, excellent prospects and working conditions.… Read More ›