Creating an Effective Employer Brand – Part One

Being able to recruit and retain the most talented people in the market should be the goal of any company. This is especially true of highly competitive sectors that have a large demand for niche skills. For organisations like these, it is important to continually tighten relationships with existing and potential employees. This is achieved through clear communication of a… Read More ›

A Culture of Motivation

Every business owner dreams of having self-motivated employees – a team of people who get the job done. Sadly, life isn’t that simple, with most employers relying on a few key staff members to set the example. Employers and recruiters should always be looking for candidates who demonstrate the need for little supervision and direction; people who can get the… Read More ›

Avoid Common Recruitment Pitfalls

Recruitment isn’t always an easy process. Unfortunately, much time and money is often wasted with companies unable to fill job vacancies the first time around. This can be avoided by finding a good recruitment agency to work with – one that provides a shortlist of relevant candidates for a low-cost, fixed fee. But don’t just rely on recruitment agencies to… Read More ›

Think Recruit – Part Two

The second of two articles, looking at why the best salespeople don’t necessarily make the best sales managers. If you missed Part One, it explored how exceptional salespeople don’t always make good sales managers. To demonstrate this, we looked at footballers-turned-managers. Invariably, average players tend to succeed in the managerial role, whereas outstanding players don’t. Part One also discussed why,… Read More ›

Think Recruitment – Part One

Before you promote, think ‘recruit’ – because your best salesperson won’t necessarily make the best sales manager. Many business owners are guilty of it: promoting good salespeople – often their best – to sales managers. But more often than not, it doesn’t work out, with business owners disappointed by the lack of results, and new sales managers frustrated with the… Read More ›

The Recruitment Contingency Plan

Just like a business, recruitment goes through cycles – ups and downs, seasonal shifts, increases and cutbacks. For instance, during an economic downturn, clients may want to spend less money, which could impact the number of staff you need. This is often seen in call centre recruitment, where slow periods often lead to reduced outsourcing. It is important for companies… Read More ›