Attracting Top Talent

Big companies obviously have an edge when it comes to attracting top talent. These are businesses with employer brands that most people can only dream of being a part of. They weave compelling stories of opportunity and success to engage and seduce the marketplace. To the rest of us – employers and recruiters – it can often be intimidating. Can… Read More ›

The Online Recruitment Agency Advantage

Why working with the right recruitment agency is good for business When it comes to recruitment, many business owners will be tempted to do it themselves. However, first-timers will soon realise what a costly and time-consuming process recruiting can be. Certain things need to be left to the professionals – and recruitment is definitely one of them. Providing you know… Read More ›

Effectively Screening Job Candidates

As employers and recruiters, there is a natural tendency to go easy on job candidates, especially during the initial screening process. There is an odd culture of expecting cliché answers to cliché questions, none of which generate any real insight into a candidate or their suitability for a role. The recruitment process needs to be rigorous from day one. Of… Read More ›

Protecting Your Online Reputation

When it comes to recruitment, your online presence is paramount. Many companies forget how accessible they are on the internet – candidates and potential employees will trawl through websites, social media and blogs to find as much information as possible. Managing your online reputation is therefore intrinsic to the recruitment process – and that includes the way your employees conduct… Read More ›

Candidate Experiences – Part Two

The first part of this article discussed getting into the right frame of mind: deciding to develop your candidate experience, and seeing it as more than just an interview process. It also looked at working with recruitment agencies to learn about the current state of your candidate experience. Here are some more tips on how to build an even stronger… Read More ›

The Candidate Experience – Part One

There has been much talk about the ‘candidate experience’ recently – and with good reason. Every communication and interaction between companies and candidates creates an impact, not only between the two parties, but the entire marketplace. Good or bad, it shapes perceptions about a business. Despite its importance, many businesses don’t list candidate experience too high on their overall strategy.… Read More ›

Interview Strategies – Part two

Part One of this article looked at pre-interview preparations: using a flat-fee recruitment agency; having a clear understanding of what you want from an employee; pre-screening; and carefully devising your interview questions. It’s now time to discuss the interview. It is essential for the interviewer to steer the interview. Think about the sole reason for the interview process: to find… Read More ›

Interview Strategy – Part One

So, you’re recruiting for a new role. You’ve hired a recruitment agency to find the best people from the talent pool, and there’s a stack of shortlisted candidates for you to interview. The recruitment agency has done a good job – all the candidates seem perfect for the role – so it’s now up to you to decide who is… Read More ›

Staff Selection and Retention

Selecting and retaining employees is vital to any company’s success. Talented people who develop their skills and reinforce their value to a business and its customers are an important asset. Selecting and retaining talent like this, as well as creating an environment in which they can thrive, is paramount. The main components of any strategy to improve the quality of… Read More ›

Think First before giving that Job Offer

All employers have been there: final interviews have been held and you’ve agonised over which candidate is best for the role, only to be told they are not going to take the job – or worse, they just completely ignore your phone calls. So, before picking up the phone to offer someone a job, stop and think! There is an… Read More ›