Speeding Up Your Recruitment Process – Part Two

In Part 1, we discussed our top tips for speeding up your recruitment process. If you’re yet to partner with an online recruitment agency, give it a go today. There are many methods for speeding up and streamlining your in-house recruitment, but the most time-efficient and cost-effective option is to partner with professionals. Remember, online recruitment agencies have access to… Read More ›

Speed Up Your Recruiting Process – Part One

It seems that companies are starting to rely too heavily on such metrics as retention and performance and relying less on classic metrics, such as cost and speed per hire. However, despite being reduced, these metrics haven’t been altogether forgotten. Cost and speed per hire remain important, but are now rightly balanced with quality. Before diving into our top tips… Read More ›

Choosing Between Two Top Candidates

It’s an important decision that can impact the future of your company: choosing between two outstanding candidates. It doesn’t happen often, but as employers and recruiters, we are occasionally presented with this conundrum. Their credentials will be similar: impressive academic achievements, demonstrable and relevant experience, and excellent portfolios showcasing previous success. These candidates will even interview similarly, proving their worth… Read More ›

Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

As employers and recruiters, we need all the help we can get. However, deciding to work with a recruitment agency is tough for one reason: there are so many to choose from. There are, of course, diamonds in the rough; recruitment agencies that work outside the ‘quick-fix’ approach to hiring, with consultants who are genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about the… Read More ›

Top Recruiting Blunders

Recruitment isn’t always easy, especially when you’re doing it alone. Sadly, for those who are unqualified, the long-term benefits of recruitment are often never experienced. Small businesses tend to undertake recruitment themselves – it is seen as the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Why pay someone to do a simple job? Well, when the people you hire don’t… Read More ›

Using Technology To Attract Top Talent

About a decade ago, recruitment underwent a revolution: the birth of talent acquisition. It wasn’t just a mot du jour for selection and hiring, but a term that encompassed a new way of thinking. As opposed to traditional recruitment, talent acquisition is the continuous process of attracting, sourcing and hiring new workers. It also includes things like employment branding, outreach,… Read More ›

Finding and Hiring Long-Term Performers

In terms of competition and leading edge, having the right people in your business has never been so crucial. Companies not only face competition on a local level, but national, international and online too. Consumer choice has never been so varied and easy. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to stay ahead of the game. However, business owners and recruiters… Read More ›

Effective Recruitment Strategy

A good business leader knows that the key to generating profits is a sound sales and marketing strategy. However, the biggest mistake is to not understand the transferability of these skills. Sales and marketing is just as important for attracting potential employees as it is potential customers. It boils down to one thing: candidate attraction. Take a look at one… Read More ›

Internal Recruitment Versus External Recruitment

It is often said that people are essential to business success. Well, that’s almost right. More accurately, the right people are essential to business success. Finding the right people for the right roles is paramount. It is a risk that all business owners must take to optimise performance and profits. However, many employers are too lenient, giving candidates the benefit… Read More ›

Sales And Technology – The Cogs of Modern Bsuiness

Modern businesses can put drive and success down to two things: sales and technology. Without these two departments, operations would be less fluid, ideas would run dry and profits would be down. With them, a product or service is elevated, becoming far more appealing, savvy and exciting. However, these departments are nothing without the right team, experience and expertise behind… Read More ›