How Do You Know If You Should Use a Recruitment Agency?

It’s all well and good hearing about all the benefits of an online, flat-fee recruitment agency, but it might be unclear if you even need to use one in the first place. Luckily, there are ways of telling if your current recruitment methods are up to scratch. If you’re using more traditional methods of recruitment and you’ve ever come across… Read More ›

Even More Recruitment Mistakes

Last month we published an article on the top recruitment blunders. Consider this a continuation of that list, looking at the most rampant slip ups made by bosses and recruiters. Searching for superman or superwoman He or she doesn’t exist. Get over it. A candidate may have a flawless CV or give a stellar interview, but rarely will they preserve… Read More ›

Out-of-the-Box Methods to Source Candidates

We all know the traditional methods of recruitment. However, there are other ways to source the best candidates on the market. In our opinion, the best way to find new talent is by partnering with an online recruitment agency. For a low-cost, fixed fee, online recruiters will expose your company across relevant online platforms, helping to attract the best candidates… Read More ›

Different Character Assessments – Part Two

In Part 1, we began discussing the different types of candidate personality. A candidate’s personality can have serious implications on their aptitude for a role. For instance, you wouldn’t want someone quiet and analytical for a sales job. But don’t forget, to find the candidates most suited to your vacancy, you should look to partner with a good online recruitment… Read More ›

Character Assessment – Different Candidate Types – Part One

Hiring the perfect candidate is more than just considering a CV or cover letter. To get a true sense of a candidate, you have to interview them face-to-face and get relevant references. If you’re a first-time business owner, recruitment can be a lot to get your heads around. Finding the right person to fill a vacancy is as much about… Read More ›

Recruitment’s Biggest Timewasters

As recruiters, we’ve all been there: wasted time and money on a bad hire. In fact, we’re told about it all the time, in articles, blogs and tweets. But has our obsession with creating a meticulous recruitment strategy been taken too far? When was the last time you reviewed your recruitment and employment practices? What started as a good idea… Read More ›

Reliable Reference Checking

We’ve been talking a lot about bad hires recently – but with good reason: reports have shown that many companies are suffering a loss of business due to bad hires. This trend suggests that employers want to increase the quality of their hires, whilst reviewing the validity of their recruitment processes. As recruiters, we all know the importance of screening,… Read More ›

Viral Recruitment – Make Your Job Ads More Engaging

To be seen and heard online, your content needs to go ‘viral’. But what does viral mean? Put simply, it’s any content (an article, image, video, advertisement, etc) that has a large and rapid circulation on the internet. There is no dark art to making content go viral; it’s a mix of skill, luck, timing and intuition. 90% of the… Read More ›

Wanted! Sales Candidates, Dead Or Alive

So, according to the stats, there are plenty of sales jobs out there – yet many of those vacancies are left unfilled. So, why are employers finding sales recruitment so hard? Sales recruiters are reportedly finding it tough to find qualified, relevant candidates. There is an evident disconnect between talent and job spec. If you’re struggling with sales recruitment, the… Read More ›