Candidate Relationship Management – It’s a two way process!

Recruiters are often bombarded with applications for job vacancies- you only have to think back to February this year when a new Costa Coffee that opened in Nottingham was inundated with over 1,700 applications for three full-time and five part-time roles. And whilst that’s perhaps an exaggerated incident, it’s not rare to see application forms run into the hundreds- leaving… Read More ›

The Benefits of Hiring Graduates

Ever wondered why you should hire graduates? Despite some recent findings suggesting that many graduates may be underprepared when they enter the workplace, in reality they’re always keen to learn and kick-start their careers in a job that they’re likely to have fought off a lot of competition for: making the practice of hiring them one of the most savvy… Read More ›

Getting the Most From Employees

Companies invest much time and money into recruitment – as they should. Acquiring the right talent is vital for developing your business quickly and effectively, helping it to grow and increasing profits. However, daily routines can bring even the most motivated and valuable employees down a peg or two. This is where bosses need to be clever. It’s no secret… Read More ›

ATS? Just Say No!

In an age of technological, time-is-money thinking, things may be getting easier, but we’re becoming vastly disconnected from each other. This is especially true of businesses and clients. Think off-site call centres or, as this article will discuss, applicant tracking systems (ATS). For over a decade now, ATS has been the preferred method for many companies and recruitment agencies to… Read More ›

Top Misktaks in the Screening Process

Screening is an essential part of the recruitment process. It needs to be done, regardless of how many candidates apply for a job – otherwise you could waste valuable time and money on pointless interviews. The point of screening is to determine whether a candidate is suitable to progress to the interview stage. It is also used to weed out… Read More ›

Top Excuses Recruiters Make

As bosses and recruiters, there’s so much on our plates that it’s easy to become jaded with the recruitment process. But how many of our problems do we actually take responsibility for? It’s easy to cover up mistakes by blaming external factors, but be careful: lying to yourself can seriously affect your mindset, even your career. Here are the top… Read More ›

The Modern Savvy Job Seeker

The modern job seeker has never been so savvy to recruitment. That’s not to say there aren’t job seekers with bad habits – far from it – but on the whole, the average job seeker has access to professional advice at the click of a button. This includes CV writing, interviewing, test centres and tips on such topics as salary… Read More ›

How to Reduce Employee Turnovers – Part Two

In Part 1, we looked at several steps to ensure you can minimise employee turnover, including turnover trends and managing expectations. Here are some more tips to make sure you get recruitment right, first time. Be clear about employee terms and conditions Salary and benefits are often a sensitive area, and if new recruits receive less than the advertised figure,… Read More ›

Reducing Employer Turnover – Part One

Employee turnover, quite simply, describes the number of employees that leave a company over a given time. The term is often used pejoratively, but is actually not a bad thing. Indeed, employee turnover could mean ridding a company of ineffective workers and replacing them with great talent. That said, one thing that does always walk hand-in-hand with employee turnover is… Read More ›

Recruiting For Modern Startup Businesses

There is never a good time to start a business. In fact, despite austerity measures and looming financial downturns, now is as good a time as any. The UK has never been so entrepreneurial, with more and more people taking their destiny into their own hands. However, with so many startups, there are also plenty of failures. Business owners have… Read More ›