Are LinkedIn profiles the new CVs?

It’s a wholly imaginable sight to see on job adverts in a few years’ time: ‘To apply, please send your LinkedIn URL to…’ With a cool 259 million members, the social media site is the ultimate resource to access people’s online CVs at the click of a button. But is it making our paper CVs redundant? Rather than taking the… Read More ›

Qualifications vs. Experience

What do you value highest from candidates? A solid, all-round educational background or more practical, relevant work experience? A common pitfall across graduates, despite their educational achievements, is a lack of work experience accrued over the years. However, young people are seemingly beginning to realise this. In recent research carried out by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, it was discovered that 46% of… Read More ›

Top Interview No Nos

So, you’ve reached the interview stage of the recruitment process. Although you’re approaching the end of your search for a new employee, this is the crunch time and it’s more important than ever to say and do the right things. There are a lot of grey areas in interviewing that you need to avoid entering to make sure you conduct… Read More ›

How To Deal With Losing Staff

As you might expect, it can sometimes be tough when you lose a talented member of staff. Whether they left to further their career, have some time away or they just weren’t happy at the company, it’s important to respond in the right manner and not get too hung up on things. By taking in these handy tips, your business… Read More ›

Reducing The Cost of Recruitment – Our Guide

Let’s be honest: in the wrong hands, recruitment can be a lengthy, time-consuming and expensive process. It can be difficult to reach enough suitable candidates, then selecting and training the right one takes time and money. Fortunately, the days of placing an ad in the local and patiently waiting for a response are long gone- hell, even the days of… Read More ›

Interview Techniques and How to Perform in them

Interviewing isn’t a simple case of writing down a bunch of clichéd questions and firing them at the candidates like a magazine interview. It should be a conversation between the two of you designed to find out as much relevant information as you can about the prospective employee sat across the table from you. In most cases it’s going to… Read More ›

Why You Should Hire Interns

We’ve been discussing graduates a lot in the past week or so- and here we go again (sort of). This time, we’re going to take a closer look at the reasons for hiring an intern- graduate or not- and how they could benefit your company. Try Before You Buy You can essentially hire interns on a trial basis, meaning there… Read More ›

Job Adverts – Get the Skilled Candidates You Require

A common pitfall for recruiters is the lack of a clear and effective job advert. Accurately conveying the requirements of a particular role is absolutely key in ensuring that you find the right candidate for your company- and avoid hiring somebody who isn’t quite right for the job. But great job ads don’t just appear out of thin air. Whether… Read More ›

The Benefits of Hiring Non-Graduates

As we mentioned last week, hiring graduates certainly has its benefits: they have a strong skill set, they’re comfortable with new technologies they could net be a high-performing candidate in the long-term. However, perhaps unbeknown to some, there are also a lot of great candidates out there without degrees. Though a large proportion of jobs will ask for a degree… Read More ›

How Well Are You Selling Your Company to Candidates?

For companies who are looking to recruit the highest calibre of candidates possible, it’s growing ever more important to realise that recruiting is most certainly a two way process. Companies are having to do more to persuade these candidates that their firm is the place to be- particularly if these highly-skilled employees are currently employed elsewhere. But how do you… Read More ›