Interviewing Candidates – What Should you Really be Looking For?

It’s one of the last but yet most crucial stages of the recruitment process. When interviewing candidates, most employers will make an initial judgement as to whether they have met someone they feel they can seriously consider for the role. You only have a short space of time to find out all you need from the prospective employees, and while… Read More ›

Recruiting for a Small Business

For small businesses or start-ups who are looking to take on some new staff, the world of recruitment can sometimes seem like a daunting place. Fortunately, here we have a few tips to help you navigate the minefields of job boards, recruitment specialists and astronomical agency fees to help you source the best possible candidates for a reasonable price. Reaching… Read More ›

Social Media Background Checking – The Dos and Don’ts

Whenever you heard ‘background check’ before social media, you could be forgiven for conjuring up images of a bloke in a rain mac and bowler hat following candidates down dark alleyways. Thankfully, nowadays the process of conducting a background check on prospective employees isn’t such a cloak and dagger operation. With the rise in popularity of social media, background checks… Read More ›

CVs – Hobbies and Interests Matter!

The hobbies and interests section of a CV might not immediately seem like the most important area to look at for an employer. However, it can be really handy to look at someone’s hobbies and interests in order to get a clearer insight into them as a person. After all, their qualifications and experience will tell you how skilled they… Read More ›

Hiring Underqualified Staff – The Pros and Cons

The other day, we had a look at the benefits and drawbacks to hiring overqualified staff for your company. But in this piece we’re going to flip it around and look at both sides of the fence when it comes to hiring candidates who are underqualified for the role that’s being offered. Although it may not seem like one of… Read More ›

Hiring Overqualified Staff – Pros and Cons

Staff who are supposedly overqualified for the role is a problematic area for hiring managers. Whilst many people would have you believe that overqualified staff may well be unmotivated for the role, in actual fact they could be a great benefit to your company. And when you consider the fact that 47% of recent graduates are currently in non-graduate roles,… Read More ›