Video Games in Your Hiring Process

Recruiting strategies have felt the influence of technology over the past decade, mostly with the emergence of the Skype interview. But now companies are considering a new screening process: video games. The New York Times has reported that some companies are keen to use specifically created games to analyse candidates. So could your hiring process become more Borderlands than boardroom?… Read More ›

New Recruiting Method – Involve Current Employees

If you’re finding that hiring the wrong person for the job is costing you money, time and resources then we may just have a new method that could improve your recruiting strategy. No one knows better than your current employees what it takes to succeed in the job on offer, as they are the ones with experience in it already,… Read More ›

Social Media – A Low Cost Recruitment Tool

Few people these days can claim not to be on some form of social network. It seems sensible then, that these platforms are used as tool to network and connect with like-minded people. When done correctly, recruiting through social media can help you successfully bring the right, forward-thinking people into your business. eRecruit have been using social media to recruit… Read More ›

Recruitment methods that sell your Business

We’ve no doubt our clients have people knocking down their doors desperate to get a foot in and work with them. While you may think your company is great to work for, you could be losing out on great talent to competing companies that have better recruitment methods. Luckily, we know how to make sure all those super talented individuals… Read More ›

Organic Recruitment – The Best Strategy to Grow Your Business

In the digital age it’s becoming easier and easier for companies to simplify their recruitment process. While it may not initially seem so, organic recruitment is often the cheapest but also most effective method of sourcing staff.   Here are the major benefits of recruiting yourselves. Short Supply Chain By avoiding job agencies, you don’t have to be supplied with… Read More ›

Recruiting High Calibre Candidates With Homework

You’ve whittled it down to the final candidates competing for your available vacancy and now you need to know how they would handle the job on offer. A great way to test the skills and experience your candidates have detailed on paper is to set them a homework assignment. This is a great recruiting strategy because it will not only… Read More ›

Why You Should Provide Feedback

Candidates are more eager than ever to receive feedback on why they were unsuccessful with your application process, thanks to the tough competition in the job market. Furthermore, they are becoming increasingly frustrated with companies ignoring their wishes, which appears to be common with 79.1% of unsuccessful applicants not receiving feedback from employers and only 9% receiving feedback that is… Read More ›

Boost your Recruitment Methods with a Golden Ticket

Many businesses easily fall into the trap of putting recruitment on the back burner, and sometimes it’s easy to see why. It’s time consuming, difficult and sometimes (often) tedious. This makes the team here at eRecruit solutions writhe in horror. This is because we truly understand how to recruit and how employees can come together to form well-oiled machines, collectively… Read More ›

Recruiting Managers and Senior Staff – Essential Checklist

The recruitment process often becomes more detailed and sometimes difficult as the seniority of the position increases. Managers and senior staff are the ones you rely on to drive business forward and act as beacons for the rest of your staff. So what details should you look out for when hiring senior staff? Ethos Good potential managers are people who… Read More ›

Experienced Employees – How to Find Them

Candidates with a lack of experience is one of the most frequent challenges faced by businesses across a huge variety of sectors. It’s the common reason why companies fail at hiring, despite countless applications to their vacancy. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to increase your chances of finding and retaining experienced employees. Transferable Skills. These are… Read More ›