Reaching the on-the-go Jobseeker

The modern jobseeker no longer looks for vacancies in the paper or even at job centre. According to a Google consumer survey, 88% of online jobseekers will search for vacancies on a mobile device. With 80% of jobseekers using online job boards in general, it is absolutely essential for hirers to have a good online presence. Online recruitment specialists eRecruit… Read More ›

What Makes a Great Foster Carer?

A stable and secure upbringing is quite possibly the most important aspect of a child’s life. It is vital that children who require care can be partnered with suitable carers as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Whether people have wanted to foster for years but not gotten around enquiring or have only just begun to consider it, there are plenty… Read More ›

Hiring Incentives – What Are The Best Ones to Have?

Whether you’re a hiring manager or looking to expand your own company, it’s well worth taking some time to consider the incentive behind your hires. These will help you recognise your needs more effectively, rapidly improving your ability to spot and recognise the right candidates. So what should drive you to employ? 1.)    Company growth. An obvious one, surely? A… Read More ›

Maintaining Control of your Company Brand through the Hiring Process

When outsourcing recruitment, it is of up-most importance of many companies to not lose full control over their company brand. Being one of the most valuable commodities to your business, how you are perceived by customers, employees and other businesses. In the digital age where candidates can interact with your company more so than ever, mostly thanks to social media,… Read More ›

Solve Your Foster Care Recruitment Worries

A current shortfall in the number of foster carers means that there are over 60,000 children needing a foster home in the UK. Due to the high demand many fostering agencies are over-stretched in terms of recruitment and the ambiguity surrounding the requirements of a foster carer makes finding the right candidates very difficult. This is where eRecruit step in:… Read More ›

Interviewing Sales Professionals – A Checklist

You’ve managed to narrow down your received job applications and CVs and found what could potentially be great sales people to bring into your business. The next stages are now the most important, as you bring these candidates in to begin the interview process. Sales professionals are the future of your business, so managing the hiring process of them well… Read More ›

The Key to Call Centre Recruitment

Call centre recruitment is an area in constant and increasing demand, so maintaining a solid recruitment strategy and keeping costs down at the same time can be challenging. Luckily, the positions are often sought after too, so roles don’t have to be tricky to fill. As contact centre recruiter extraordinaires, eRecruit have some handy tips to share about the continuous… Read More ›

Feedback – Why You Should Provide It

Candidates are more eager than ever to receive feedback on why they were unsuccessful with your application process, thanks to the tough competition in the job market. Furthermore, they are becoming increasingly frustrated with companies ignoring their wishes, which appears to be common with 79.1% of unsuccessful applicants not receiving feedback from employers and only 9% receiving feedback that is… Read More ›

Giving Candidates the Best Recruitment Experience

In this bustling job market, it’s becoming clearer that providing candidates a positive recruitment experience leads to successful employment and also happy workers. While it’s difficult to spend a lot of time on every applicant, there are plenty of small measures you can put in place to ensure a more positive experience for jobseekers, giving a better impression of you… Read More ›

Sourcing and Screening – The Dream Duo for your Recruitment

Here at eRecruit, we know too well that the more specialised a role is, the more time and effort is needed to fill it. Skilled candidates need to be attracted to a vacancy strategically in order to make sure you have a good selection of people to assess and interview in the later stages. So how can you make sure… Read More ›