The Importance of Reference Checks

Here at eRecruit we know how crucial it is that the right person is selected for the position you’re offering, in order to save you significant amounts of money and time in the long run. Reference checks can provide you with specific information about your applicants that can be used to both eliminate and elevate your final candidates. Unfortunately, many… Read More ›

Unfilled vacancy? Stop looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate!

Vacancies can go unfilled for months or even years when companies insist on looking for that ‘perfect’ candidate. This can be dangerous for the business as both time and money is wasted on advertising and interviewing for the position. In truth, there are probably plenty of candidates out there that could succeed in the role, even if they don’t fit… Read More ›

Do You Need to Change Your Recruitment Strategy?

Are you struggling to find candidates of the right calibre? Do your new staff have little staying power? If recruitment is an ongoing frustration for your business, it could be time to change strategy. Here at eRecruit, we consistently bump into companies that continue to use the same recruitment methods, despite finding them unsuccessful. However, the winds of change are… Read More ›

Lessons to be Learned from Nev, Star of BBC Three Show The Call Centre

With great pearls of wisdom such as ‘happy people sell’, ‘there’s no emotion without motion’ and ‘be less like an Eeyore and more like a Tigger’ it’s safe to say call centre owner Nev Wiltshire has made a big impact on his staff, and now the nation. With an unorthodox approach to management and an exuberant zest for life, there… Read More ›

Essential Skills Your Sales Staff Should Possess

Hiring high-performing sales staff is essential to the growth of your business, as it enables you to increase sales in a cost-effective way. But how can you tell the difference between a top sales candidate and a mediocre one? As experts in sales recruitment, eRecruit Solutions know the traits you should be searching for when hiring first-rate sales staff. Here… Read More ›

Job Titles – How to attract the best Candidates

The modern jobseeker is wising up to the fact that job titles are becoming more and more jargon-filled in today’s hiring market. There are numerous reasons for this, including titles becoming outdated and no longer accurately describing what the role entails (telephonist, for instance, is unlikely to crop up on a job board today). These changes  also have become a… Read More ›

Avoiding Traditional Recruitment Agencies – The Smart Way of Recruiting

Many businesses want their hiring process to be as simple and seamless as possible. We at eRecruit think this is a great idea, but hate to see so many companies fall into the trap of thinking that going with a standard recruitment agency is the best way to do this. Spending a lot of extra cash along the way and… Read More ›

How to Make the Most of Phone Interviews

Introducing phone screening into your interview process can save you time and money and after six successful years in the recruitment industry, eRecruit know just how precious this is for hiring managers. Phone interviews are a great tool to weed out any candidates who don’t possess the minimum requirements. As a result, your in-person interviews can be saved for applicants… Read More ›

Call Centre Recruitment – What Skills Should Your Candidates Possess?

When it comes to call centre recruitment, vacancies often attract people from a large variety of backgrounds. On the plus side, this makes it easier to generate a large amount of applications, but the drawbacks can be that it is harder to identify what type of candidates would be the best fit for your role. eRecruit specialise in call centre… Read More ›

Our Best Tips for High Volume Recruitment

The bigger your business, the higher your turnover of staff, meaning that as you grow you end up spending more and more on recruitment. This doesn’t need to be the case, however, as a new, updated recruitment model can revolutionise your hiring for good. We’ve been experts in high volume recruitment for some time now, so take a look at… Read More ›