Why Salaries SHOULD Be Included in Your Job Advert

Employers in both the UK and US seem reluctant to display salaries in their job adverts, as Adzuna has revealed that just over 50% don’t publish them. This can be extremely harmful to the success of your job ad therefore it’s important to consider changing your recruitment strategy if you currently withhold salary details. So you can understand why eRecruit… Read More ›

What Should You Look For When Recruiting For Client-Facing Roles?

It’s safe to say that different roles can require different recruitment techniques and strategies. The workforce you recruit for is likely to be a diverse one, with lots of different cogs helping the business to run smoothly. When recruiting for client-facing roles, you’re hiring people to become the face and ambassadors of your company. So what extra measures do you… Read More ›

How to get the best out of Online Recruitment

Online recruitment is the new frontier, and with 80% of jobseekers looking for their next role, it’s likely you either have or are getting an online presence through which to recruit. The trends and behaviours of candidates online are not always easy to predict. If there was one solitary place on the web that people went to find jobs, we’d… Read More ›

Transferable Skills in Sales Staff – Finding Sales Superstars

Sales roles need filling across pretty much every sector and industry there is. Bearing this in mind, it seems inevitable that there’s a lot of movement between sectors amongst sales professionals looking for their next role. This means you’re less likely to find someone who has sales experience solely in your industry. So what sales skills are universal across all… Read More ›

Handling a Large Volume of Applications

Online recruitment has opened the floodgates to reach a large jobseeking audience, which in turn attracts more applicants to vacancies than ever before. Receiving a high volume of applications is a positive thing on the whole and increases your chances of finding the ideal candidate from the job. So what are the best ways of sorting the wheat from the… Read More ›

Speeding Up Your Recruitment – Why Hiring Should be a Swift Process

In the digital age, there’s not a lot that doesn’t get done much faster than it did a couple of decades ago. The recruitment industry is no exception to this, and there’s a lot to be said for getting recruitment done quickly. Working with eRecruit can get your job vacancy up and running within days of consulting with you. Here’s… Read More ›

Improve Your Candidate Experience

By not taking good care of your applicants during the hiring process you are simply shooting yourself in the foot. The truth is, a bad candidate experience can not only earn you an unfavourable reputation, but it can also see you missing out on the right candidate for the position: why would they choose to work for a discourteous company?… Read More ›

Reducing Call Centre Hiring Costs

The call centre industry is one which experiences one of the highest rates of employee turnover. The benefits of this are that it’s often easy to find new staff and fairly straight-forward to train them to fit the bill. The downside, however, is that you can end up having to put aside lots of cash for your recruitment process. But… Read More ›

Bridge the Skills Gap by Offering Apprenticeships

There’s nothing more frustrating than an interviewee who has the passion and charisma you’re looking for, but who lacks the specialist skills required for the job. Unfortunately, this is happening more frequently as the current skills shortage is forcing employers to leave positions vacant. However, there is a way you can bridge the skills gap and ensure you employ the… Read More ›

Five Things a Great CV Should Contain

When hiring, it can be a challenge to identify what type of candidate is on the other side of a CV. At eRecruit Solutions, we screen thousands of CVs every day, so know what makes a good one. Here are our top tips for what a winning CV should include. Results Real achievers can easily evidence their achievements. Whether it’s… Read More ›