Sales – Why You Should Take on More Trainees

Working in recruitment for many years means that we know a trick or two. One thing we are as advocate of is not underestimating the underdog candidates. We’re talking about your less experienced, or you’re experienced but underqualified. Here’s why. More Choice Experienced staff, especially sales trainees, are getting harder and harder to come by. As business in the UK… Read More ›

How to Best Utilise Online Job Boards

Online job boards have on the whole done a great deal for speeding up and simplifying candidate sourcing. However, it is still important that they are used correctly in order to get the best possible results. So what tips and tricks can help you do this? We’ve shared a few of ours. Reposting The older your job ad, the more… Read More ›

Targeting Passive Jobseekers

Last year around 20% of UK employees were contacted by employers and proposed new job opportunities, mainly through professional social networking sites like LinkedIn. In your search to find the best candidate it’s certainly worth considering those who aren’t necessarily looking for a new role, as well as active jobseekers. The main benefit of a passive candidate is that they… Read More ›

What Makes a Great Recruitment Campaign?

Recruitment is a tricky thing to get right, and there can be a lot of debate surrounding what the best methods to use are. With a little research and care in the right areas, we’ve successful helped many clients construct a working recruitment campaign that gets the right results. Here are some top tips about what ingredients go into a… Read More ›

Call Centre Recruitment – Temporary vs. Permanent Staff

Call centre recruitment often sees hiring managers facing the predicament of whether to employ solely permanent staff or consider temporary staff too. There are pros and cons for both types of employee and it’s important to be aware of these, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to determining the best recruitment strategy for you. Permanent Staff:… Read More ›

Top Tips for Filling Sales Roles

Despite being one of the most commonly advertised vacancies, hirers and employers still struggle to fill sales roles. At eRecruit Solutions, we pride ourselves on being sales recruiter specialists, and this is one of the most common roles we like to fill. So we thought it best we share a few insider top tips! Emphasis the Benefits Top sales professionals,… Read More ›

Matching the Perfect Candidate With the Perfect Role.

All HR managers and employers will have experienced the frustration of finding the perfect CV or perfect candidate – but having no available vacancy for them. Here at eRecruit Solutions, we are firm believers in helping clients to build their own talent pools, and not to discard great CVs which they don’t have a role for. You never know when… Read More ›

Recruiting Foster Carers – The Effective Approach

We like to think we’re pretty good at recruiting for a variety of roles and sectors, from sales and admin roles to operators and engineers. But when it comes to foster carers, we like to take a slightly different recruitment strategy than your traditional white collar roles. So what is the best approach for recruiting foster carers? Be Responsive One… Read More ›

Is Gut Instinct the Best Recruitment Tool?

The question of whether gut instinct resides over other hiring tools has been brought to light by a recent report conducted by University College London (UCL) and The Recruitment Reality Check revealed that 85% of the hiring managers asked believed intuition was their most effective recruitment tool. This research was undertaken to discover the reality behind recruitment theories such… Read More ›

How Do You Fill The Sales Skills Knowledge Gap?

The UK job market is seeing an increasing number of graduates looking to get their career up and running. While they can make great salespeople, they can lack the business and sales skills you require. This is because academics do not always put professional sales skills as a priority for their students, or hold them in high regard. The story… Read More ›