Understanding Candidate and Client Needs a Little Better

In today’s job and HR market, traditional recruitment agencies can be tarred with a negative brush. This preconception that recruitment revolves around salary percentages, commission and sales is one being challenged every day by many recruiters that strive to match the perfect candidate with the perfect role. So how do we combat the negative preconceptions surrounding recruitment? Putting the Candidate… Read More ›

Attracting and Retaining Generation C

As new generations of workers continue to emerge, companies must modify their recruitment strategy in order to appeal to the latest generation. Generation C was titled such by Nielsen who used the terms to refer to those aged 18-34 who lead a predominantly digital lifestyle; the ‘C’ standing for ‘connected’. Due to their tech-savvy nature, Generation C workers can provide… Read More ›

Recruiting for Leadership Roles

Leadership roles are crucial in any business as the people who hold them are responsible for motivating and inspiring the rest of your employees to achieve success. Due to the importance your management team hold in terms of the progress of your business, your usual recruitment strategy must be tweaked in order to increase your chances of finding effective leaders.… Read More ›

Flexible Working – An employer’s view

With the introduction of new regulations surrounding flexible working at the end of last month, you may be feeling concerned about how this may affect your business. Although the thought of your employees walking in and out of the office throughout the day may be causing you to feel uneasy, there are in fact many benefits to be had for… Read More ›

Top Tips for Hiring Expats

Whether you run a business overseas or are looking to take some business over there, there are lots of advantages for taking UK staff with you. More and more Brits are finding the idea of emigrating for a job more appealing. The competition for roles is lessened and the salaries are often higher, as well as the attraction of getting… Read More ›

Is High Turnover Always a Bad Thing?

Turnover is often regarded as a negative aspect of the recruitment process and the fear of high turnover encourages many employers to obsess over reducing it to the lowest point possible. However, this may have gone too far. The reality is, a workforce with incredibly low turnover is likely not the paradise you expect. Although a low turnover may help… Read More ›

Why You Should Create a Talent Community

If you’re finding that your current recruitment strategy isn’t providing you with the calibre of candidates that you need, then you could seriously benefit from creating a talent community. This social method of recruiting enables you to source talent by communicating with potential candidates and establishing relationships with people who will help you to progress your business. As long as… Read More ›